Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Duelling Paintbrushes: Day 2

OK, so having started off by cheating and beginning work on Day 0, I then consolidated my efforts by doing nothing at all on Day 1. It actually worked rather well for me, as I got time with my wife on Day 1 that I could not have the previous day, as she was busy. So ultimately I really gained nothing from my cheating, other than stopping myself falling further behind. Of course, I then discover that Owen has commenced work and completed 7 models already. But then, this was to be expected. Owen paints faster, doesn't live with a wife and child, and works fewer hours. Other than that, the advantages are all mine!

On Day 2 I tried a new cunning trick. I went to the dentist first thing in the morning, and walked away with a couple of fillings and a numb face. I considered going into work, but the thought of sitting at my desk, unknowingly drooling over my keyboard with the slack half of my face whilst my colleagues tried to sneak pictures or videos was unappealing. So instead I took the day off and went home to drool over models. Huzzah!

In the end I probably spent close to 8 hours painting over the course of the day. I can't remember the last time I painted so much in one go - I don't normally have the time for such behaviour. It was somewhat novel, and rather peaceful. Well, it might have been if not for my awareness of how painfully slowly I was progressing.

When I saw that Owen was painting models in small batches through to completion, my natural instinct was to do the opposite and paint all of the models at once. I am a contrary sort. However, it occurred to me that this would make for a rather boring set of blog posts. Better to have something finished to show off in each post. It's a good theory. Unfortunately I only decided this after I had already painted the fur onto all of the models, so a fair chunk of my time was spent there. I then decided I would limit myself to 10 models at a time. In keeping with my failure to read the calendar, I then failed to count models properly, and found myself working on 11. I am so clever. I'd love to tell you I got them finished, but I didn't. Not quite.

All of this was after I painted the unit filler, however. After painting fur on all the models, I was enthused to go back to him. I told myself I needed to paint a model up to test the colour scheme, however this is really me kidding myself. I had put in all the time to build him, and now I wanted to paint him. So at least he is finished...
Kislev Ogre unit filler from the front
Kislev Ogre unit filler from the rear
A different angle for a better look at the colours

In all, I am fairly happy with how he has turned out. I am not sure I used the right colours - I think his big floppy sleeves should really be the same colour as the armour - but it was going to be too much red and I was heading back to the whole Ogre Santa Claus thing. Now that he's painted I am happy with the thickness of the axe handle - I will probably use the wire again on other Ogres.

As for the other guys, this is how close I got...
The mostly-painted legion assembles
First Kossar command group
Second Kossar command group. This is the flag from which I tried to carve the Bretonnian shield
What remains to be done on them? The purple requires 2 levels of highlights, the skin and hair/facial hair needs to be done, and there are a couple of small details that need to be tidied up. They really are nearly done. Once they are, and if you count the unit filler, I will be up to 15 models painted. Good progress, so long as you don't think about the amount of time it took me. Of course, Owen's update for Day 2 states that he is nearly halfway there. I will not lose to a hippo, or any animal lacking opposable thumbs! I have not yet begun to cheat...


  1. You have completed a figure? Such speed!

  2. Yes! In fact I had to slow down, as I was painting with such speed that the friction caused the first 3 paintbrushes to spontaneously combust.*

    *Disclaimer: This may or may not be true