Thursday, 27 October 2011

My first human: the sculpt continues

Painting night was last night, so I had another opportunity to sit down and work on my little man. Progress was not brilliant, but it was adequate.
The development continues. Not one, but two arms!
I started by attacking that over-long left arm. I took to it with a knife and some clippers, and cut a large section out from between the shoulder and the elbow. I then glued the two parts back together, and tried to heal the wound with more greenstuff. It ended up being a bit messy, and I was trying to carve at a combination of hard and soft putty. In the end I left it as being "good enough for now", with the intent of coming back to it later once it's all cured properly. The main thing is that I'm happier with the proportions.

The wounded arm. I'll have a final go at cleaning it up once all the greenstuff has cured.
I also worked on his other arm. I figured I would get it to the same state as the first arm, then leave it there. I ended up bulking out both the shoulder plates a bit to wrap further around the back of the model, as I think they were not large enough to match the original GW model. I'm still not sure they're right, but they're closer.
The right arm, no longer made purely of wire.
The shoulder plates in their extended state.
Another shot, turned on its side by Blogger. Because everything looks better sideways, doesn't it Blogger?
And again. You can see I still have the plastic sheet between the right arm and the torso. It makes things look a bit messier than they are. Looking forward to removing that.
So, what next? I'm actually nearly there. I need to model hands on a halberd haft, which will tie both the arms together. I expect that will be fiddly, not least because I have never sculpted a hand before. I also want to have the option of pulling it all apart afterwards, or perhaps cutting (where no wires are involved). The sleeves will need cuffs added as well. Then that just leaves the head (after I remove the ridiculous lump on the top of his torso). I like how I say that as though it won't be the biggest problem of all. However, I do half intend to just use a plastic head and add an appropriate feather. I might have a go at properly sculpting a head before admitting defeat, but I am not sure I can pull that off yet. I will also need to add a halberd head to the haft (which will be brass rod). I plan to simply copy of proper halberd head, as a clean finish on the blade will be important. Besides, it will help tie the models together.

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