Thursday, 13 October 2011

Duelling Paintbrushes: Day 4

The first wave of Kislev Kossars are finished! Well, they are almost finished - close enough that I could easily pass them off as such. In truth there remain a couple of minor things still to be done. I have to decide whether I want to highlight the tassels on the larger banner up to gold, instead of leaving them a brassy colour. There is also a little flag on it that I missed when I was painting the other ones - I always miss something. And of course the banners don't have anything on them yet. I will fix that at some point, but that may wait until after the challenge is over - at the moment I don't even know what to paint on them.
All the gang together, close enough to finished
I only did a very small amount of work on the Kossars on Day 3 (maybe an hour), so I didn't bother putting together an update. Unlike some hippos who shall remain nameless, I am not able to knock out a whole gang of models in that time. 

Day 4 saw me sit down in the late evening with the intention of knocking off everything that remained, so I could move onto some new models the next night (our regular painting night). I really didn't think they could take much longer. I had to apply a final highlight of purple, brown and leather, 2 highlights of skin, and the black needed to be tidied up. I also had a few of the aforementioned flags on the main banner to paint white (they were still black). It really didn't sound like that much to me.

Anyway, when it was after midnight and I had knocked those items all off the list, I decided to call it quits. I could have kept pushing to completely finish them, but I was getting too tired. I'd make excuses and tell you the blurry photos are the result of my tiredness, but in truth they're still just because I am a poor photographer using a mobile phone in artificial light... I guess when you think about it, my photos come out rather well! 
The first Kislevite command group with a couple of friends. I do think I will need to highlight the banner tassels up to gold. At the moment they look unfinished to me.
A bit closer...
The other command group and the remaining regular guys
The unit champion doesn't really have a good facing. Silly diagonal poses.
Both banners, side-by-side. I figured I could distinguish the units by making one banner predominantly red, and the other purple.
Say hello to my little friend
Another shot of the whole gang
And another
Ideally I shouldn't have painted both command groups in the first wave of models - they look rather silly all thrown in there together. However, I wanted them both done early in case I needed direction in terms of different colour schemes. Things will begin to look less silly as I get more regular troopers done. Maybe the painting will be faster without these guys involved too. Sounds optimistic, doesn't it? Hey, I can hope.

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  1. I see you chose to paint the single piece bowman axe conversion with the outrageous mustache in your first batch. I heartily approve.
    You may wish to take heart from the knowledge than day four was the first day on which I did NOT complete a rank of models. I will finish them this evening.