Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Empire Ogre Swordsmen - finished!

Well last night I was a bit later to bed than I would normally be, because I was busily painting my Ogre unit fillers for my Empire Swordsmen. And now they are finished! Huzzah!
Empire Ogre Swordsmen, just looking for a unit to fill. I will get to that, I promise...
The painting took me about 4 hours, in the end. I figure this is OK, and I am happy enough with the result. The colour scheme on them is not the most inspiring thing ever seen, but it's an extension of my response to Pete's Skeletons, which I discussed in my first Empire post early last year. As a result the paint scheme for the Swordsmen is pretty much locked in.
The first Ogre, from the front.
And from the rear.
The front of the second Ogre.
And his backside.
And the third Ogre from the front.
And from behind.
The facial scarring from my poorly planned moulding seems to have come out well enough. It's not that obvious on a couple of the models, and I think it just looks like a nasty wound on the other guy (the one with the purple hat). In future I will plan things better and take my time a little bit more, but I seem to have gotten away with it this time.

The first face. The mould line here swings around under his chin - nowhere near as bad as going straight through his eye...
This guy has copped the worst of my casual moulding. I figure it's a battle wound.
The same face as the one above, but from a different mould. The join is in an almost identical place, but he got away more lightly.
 My next project will be to paint up the unit these guys belong on. It's only 28 humans - hopefully it won't take me forever.


  1. Are you telling me you painted something over night? I'm so proud of you.

  2. Well, I finished a bit after midnight. Not sure that counts as painting overnight, but it certainly means I don't get enough sleep...

  3. They are spectacular. Is all the Empire looking garb greenstuffed? How did you do it?

    1. Some of my Empire Ogres are just normal plastic GW Ogres with puffy sleeves and pants added on with greenstuff. Others ended up being made from scratch using green stuff or magic sculpt. Puffy sleeves are very easy to sculpt. You just start with covering the limb fairly thickly, then get a sharp tool and carve/work grooves into it. It really doesn't take much practice to get the simple effect I have.

    2. I figured it was something extensive that took years to master. I'll have to give it a shot, with any luck I'll be able to have a puffy sleeved Ogre carrying a Hellbaster soon.

    3. That is something everyone should have.

      Any sculpting or putty work you find on this blog cannot possibly takes years to master (or at least to get to the same level as me). I never really tried sculpting anything until after I started the blog...