Thursday, 19 January 2012

Empire Swordsmen - the first batch

14 Swordsmen ready to go. Pity I need more...
Life has been a bit hectic over the last couple of weeks. In particular, my involvement in trying to organise Warhammer Fantasy at Cancon has turned into a massive headache with the numbers swelling beyond the allocated space, and general confusion over who is in and who is out. This, combined with processing the army lists and questions of 70 people, and trying to get additional terrain ready in order to accommodate everyone, has left me feeling completely burnt out, and ready for the whole thing to be over.

But then of course, I had committed to using an army that includes dozens of unpainted models. Presumably because I am stupid. So in what spare time I can find, I have been trying to paint my army before the tournament. First off the rank is the Empire Swordsmen to go with my Ogre unit fillers. What I have here is not all that I require. Ultimately I want to paint 28 Swordsmen (there are 14 done now), which when combined with the Ogres will give me 40 models. However, I only need a unit of 28 for Cancon, so I am going to have to cut corners for now. I guess I can come back to the rest when things have settled down a bit.
The newly done Swordsmen with a couple of their big mates
One of my Ogre Swordsmen, along with the guy he was roughly based off
And another example alongside his little inspiration
Once I have painted another 6 or so of these guys, I can get onto my Volley Gun (I will probably now not paint the crew, and just use those who would normally man my unused Rocket Battery), and the wizard, and the 7 more Crossbowmen I need...

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