Thursday, 5 January 2012

Empire Ogre Swordsmen - more progress

Last night I continued my work on the Ogre Swordsmen. My progress was perhaps less apparent this time, but that's because I spent a fair bit of time making moulds. I still have more of this to do, however I now feel like I am really close to being able to pop out 3 Ogres and get painting.

My efforts focused around creating a second set of legs for Ogre State Troops. I grabbed one of my copied sets of walking legs and gave them suitable pants and boots. Once the green stuff has cured properly I will create moulds for both sets of legs.

I also created a second right arm, although it's still at the basic sleeve stage, rather than puffy. I plan to create a copy of the basic version before puffing it up. This is my theoretical approach for all this stuff, however my finite supply of Instant Mold means I tend to need to create a "master" version of everything to keep safe before re-using the mould material. I can always go back and recreate the mould then, if I want it again.

I made moulds for the detailed breastplate and the sword I showed yesterday. So once I've done the legs, the shield and this new arm, I should have everything I need except heads.

I expect to use green stuff to copy the arms of the models, and Magic Sculp for the legs, torsos and weapons. I will want the extra hardness of the Magic Sculp for the relatively flimsy weaponry, but I think the tidiness of the green stuff will be important on the sleeves - it's easier to work with in the moulds. We'll see. Trial and error, baby!
Progress, sir! My pile of components grows daily...
The first set of duplicated arms emerges from the moulds. Yet to be cleaned up, but pretty tidy nonetheless
My walking legs sprout some puffy pants
The two sets of legs, side-by-side
And again, from the rear
The latest addition to my collection - a straight arm
The same arm from the other side
In all, I'm happy with my progress. Knowing how close this stuff will put me to things like creating more Ogre Halberdiers, Spearmen etc is a real incentive. I feel like I will be breaking the back of the project over the next couple of sessions.


  1. Really great effort on these. I'm going to enjoy watching them evolve - good luck with it all.

  2. Thanks Davey. I feel like I have the momentum I need now. Starting to wonder if I should be buying yet more Instant Mold though, to ensure I don't get bogged down by having to rework everything...