Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cracking the whip

Time is ticking away. Convic is now 2 days away, and I won't get a chance to do any painting tonight. Nevertheless, I think things are just about under control. I've worked diligently on the Flagellants over the last few evenings, and this is where things currently stand:
9 Flagellants and a couple of unit fillers, now mostly painted. 

For the photos I moved the second Ogre onto his perch on the bell carriage. There is a hole there for the pin in his foot.
The bell ringer has been receiving paint at the same time as his more transportationally-challenged colleagues.
I grabbed a guy at random to show where they're all up to. At this point there are a few key details still to be picked out, and the flesh needs a final highlight. Add a little static grass from there, and they should be good to go.
So many fish. What's with all the fish on these Mordheim guys? Ah well, they will add colour to my regiment as a whole.
There's always 1, isn't there? I was halfway through painting the stuff when I realised I was 1 Flagellant short. Sure enough, he was hiding amongst the 40-odd undercoated Handgunners on my painting table, with not a drop of paint on him beyond the undercoat. I was tempted to just leave him out at that point, but he is the final Flagellant and I would never have gotten around to him if I left him for later. So he's playing catch-up. Doesn't even have a wash on his skin yet...
As I say, I won't get a chance to work on these guys tonight. But I think I'm now at a point where I should easily get the remainder done tomorrow at painting night, and then it's on to Convic! Doom awaits!


  1. Nice! The bell reminds me a bit of the old Screaming Bell model :)

    1. Yeah there are definite parallels there. Originally I was considering putting a preaching type guy up on top, but when I saw how much like the Screaming Bell it already looked, I decided against it. The whole thing is actually a little bigger and stronger looking than I originally had in mind - I was picturing something more rickety. But given there is now an Ogre on the back, it's probably for the best that it doesn't look too flimsy.

  2. Huzzah! The Ogre Flagerobe looke more flagerobe-ish when painted, and less like a fiendish dire mumu.