Monday, 29 July 2013

Storm of Chaos to rise again

You may have seen hints of this around the net, but I thought I'd post about it for the benefit of those who haven't. 9 years ago now, Games Workshop ran a global campaign called Storm of Chaos. Next year (on its 10th anniversary) a group of fans is organising to make the campaign live again. Have a look at their website below:

Storm of Chaos website

Despite it being 11 months out, there are already draft army lists for most of the forces involved in the campaign, and it seems the planning is well under way. They will be looking for people to play-test the army lists in order to ensure they've got things right, as well as getting involved in the campaign proper once it kicks off. I think it might be nice to run some themed events next year in line with this, so I will be keeping close tabs on the project in the meantime. Who knows, my Teutogen Guard might even get some use as something other than Greatswords...


  1. I remember SOC. I cease to play warhammer in this time, during this campaign. I deeply hated its hig fantasy style, poor background and the appearance of the eternal battle between good and evil... :(

    1. I'm sorry to hear that.

      I remember feeling that SOC's biggest weakness was its attempt to be all-inclusive, to allow anyone to play, regardless of what army they had. It felt like a real stretch to jam some of the races into the picture, although the reasoning behind it was obvious.

      It also had a really jumbled, silly ending. Hopefully this time around things will make a little more sense.

    2. Not to mention almost the entire thing was reconned soon after the campaign was completed.