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Battle of Finuval Plain: Turn 1

This is a continuation of the account of the Battle of Finuval Plain. If you missed the introduction, you can find it here.

High Elves Turn 1
High Elves Turn 1. The crosshair over Dark Elf unit DR2 is a Comet of Cassandora. To see a larger version, right-click and select "Open Link in New Tab"
As Urian's bisected form crumpled to the ground, the High Elves gave a great cheer and surged forward. Having dragged himself into Malhandir's saddle, Tyrion surveyed the seemingly endless ranks of his fallen kindred, and thought better of attacking them alone. Instead he wheeled about and rejoined the ranks of his comrades. The Silver Helms parted ranks to allow him space, cheering him as he formed up at their head. He was sorely wounded but he sat tall in his saddle, resplendent in his ancient armour. Even as he did so, he felt the pain from his wounds lessen as the Everqueen used the power of the Star of Avelorn upon her brow to heal him.

The Eagles advance in a screen in front of Tyrion's Silver Helms
Overhead flew a squadron of Eagles, some of them bearing noble sons of Ulthuan into battle. They took up position at the forefront, eager to engage their bitter enemy. The main line advanced, although the centre lagged behind due to Alarielle's cautious deployment. Behind them on the hill, a battery of Eagle Claw Bolt Throwers sent a volley of hissing bolts through the air and into the Cold One Knights protecting Malekith's personal banner, felling half a dozen of them.
The High Elf advance across the right flank
The noble armoured sons of Caledor advance. Slowly. Wouldn't want to tire the horses...
The view across the right flank
The advance on the right flank was also guarded, as the cavalry of Caledor looked to position themselves for an advantageous charge. The exception to this was a pair of Tiranoc Chariots, who had spotted a team of Dark Elf Shades attempting to sneak around the right flank in the shadow of the cliffs. With a shout they shot forward, the swift Elven steeds little hindered by the lightweight chariots behind them. They crashed into their quarry and scythed them down in a moment. However, their momentum was arrested as they hit uneven ground, and they failed to make it out of sight of the waiting enemy.
Isn't that temple awesome? Oh yeah, and there is stuff happening there somewhere.
The Archmage astride his mighty Moon Dragon looked to the heavens and summoned the power of Comet of Cassandora. The Dark Elf Sorceresses either didn't notice or dismissed the threat, and in a matter of seconds the summoning was complete. An unnatural blue-white light lit the sky over the massed ranks of Witch Elves although if they saw it, they gave no sign. Volleys of arrows sang forth, however it was more a show of intent than anything else – the range was still too great for them to do significant harm.
The left flank sees multiple Ellyrian Reavers advancing further than is really advisable
The large regiment of Swordmasters advances. On the near corner is a Noble. Near the other end is the Loremaster of Hoeth
Upon the left flank, regiments of Ellyrian Reavers raced across the field, putting themselves in harm's way in order to harass the enemy and slow their advance. Despite their swift advance, their aim was sure; the Keeper of Secrets at the forefront of the line was wounded, and their fire combined with that of the Bolt Throwers back on the hill was enough to fell the sinister Giant before it could take a forward step.
Making sure that even the slowest of infantry will have something to do
"Ah, there's really not that many of the evil scum. We got this..."
The Archmage unleashes Final Transmutation slightly over-zealously
An Archmage urged his Star Dragon slightly closer to the enemy lines as he focused his attention upon the large unit of Chaos Knights, led by a vile Lord of Slaanesh. Gathering arcane energies around him, he uttered a complex chant before unleashing the power of Final Transmutation upon them. Such was the power of the spell that the Mage and his Dragon mount were both wounded by the backlash, however the Knights were caught up in a swirling cloud of energy, and when it had dissipated, 7 of their number had been turned to solid gold.

All in all it was a positive opening, but the battle was just beginning.

Dark Elves Turn 1
Dark Elves Turn 1. To see a larger version, right-click and select "Open Link in New Tab"
Having overcome their disappointment at seeing their champion fall (and settled many wagers over whether Urian would kill the entire High Elf army single-handedly), the Dark Elves responded to their advances of the Asur.
How dare they charge us? Well I guess that was predictable
N'kari struts across the battlefield
On their right flank, N'kari pointed a pair of elegantly clawed hands toward the approaching Reavers and issued a roar of command. Beside him, the lesser Keeper of Secrets needed no encouragement and rushed into combat with the nearest High Elves that dared venture too close. The keepers of the Kharibdyss tried to urge it forward alongside, however it took offence and snapped at its handlers, failing its charge. Without the beast's assistance, the Greater Daemon still hacked into the Ellyrians, tearing 4 of them from their saddles, but the remainder wheeled their steeds around him and steadfastly fought on, cutting futilely at the enormous monster.
The Corsairs demonstrate that they need no help getting rid of a handful of Reavers
The Corsairs charged into another regiment of the enemy light cavalry, however they found themselves doing it alone when the monstrous Shaggoth, which had been poised to attack alongside them, caught a glimpse of the solid gold Chaos Knights behind it. With an expression of idiot avarice upon its ugly features, it could do little more than stagger on the spot, dreams of limitless riches (for which it had no use) filling its head. A unit of Cold One Knights was similarly immobilised, the riders too distracted by the gold to snap their mounts out of their natural stupor.
Even the power of positive thinking might not help them now
The Corsairs may have been charging alone, but it mattered little. They outnumbered the beleaguered High Elves 5 to 1, and the conflict was short and one-sided. The Corsairs barely slowed, and surged straight on into the Reavers that were still struggling with the Keeper of Secrets.
The Fiends rush forward to make friends with the remaining Reavers
Hard on the right flank, the remaining unit of Ellyrians had not advanced nearly so far as their brethren, but it mattered little. In a blur of motion, a team of lightning-quick Fiends of Slaanesh leapt upon them and tore them to shreds, despite the Elves managing to wound one of their number with an arrow on the way in. The few surviving Reavers turned and fled, passing through and around their allies until they eventually emerged behind friendly lines and managed to regain their composure. The Fiends chased them, however the galloping Elven steeds proved to fast even for them, and they found their momentum arrested when they crashed into the flank of the large regiment of Swordmasters of Hoeth.
The Reavers reject the Fiends' hand/taloned foot/slishy tongue of friendship, and head for the hills
And they got away! Without panicking half the flank! That was lucky
Oh look, more potential friends for the Fiends!
Volleys of fire from the Reaper Bolt Throwers passed overhead, heading for the largest targets in the enemy lines. The Archmage on his Dragon was a prime target, and before long he had several large black bolts bristling from his chest and he fell from his saddle. The Dragon was also wounded, however it appeared undaunted by the loss of its rider and remained where it was. Another large bolt flew straight at the breast of one of the Frostheart Phoenixes, however the magic infusing the creature deflected the shot harmlessly. Advancing alongside his charging minions, N'kari attempted to unlesh multiple spells upon the enemy including the dreaded Cacophonic Choir, but was foiled by Teclis and his seemingly impenetrable mastery of the arcane.
Uh-oh. I'm sure that empty saddle was there for a reason
The Dark Elf/Chaos right flank at the end of the turn
The Daemon Prince casually saunters along next to N'kari
The birdies are under attack! Hold them off guys, Tyrion is still doing his hair
The Dark Elves queue up behind the Cold One Knights
Toward the centre of the line, the Dark Elves moved forward rapidly. A regiment of Cold One Knights charged into the group of Eagles that had flown too close. They crashed home the charge with lances down, and half of the great birds fell in the initial impact. This should have been enough to drive them off, however in an unexpected show of defiance, they remained where they were – wings beating and their talons raised as they sought to hold their enemy at bay.
The nature of the birdies was irrepressible!
Oh, that explains it. Bogus break test rolling FTW!
Having seen the enemy Archmage unleash Final Transmutation upon the Chaos Knights, the Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress upon her Dragon attempted the same thing, directing her focus upon Tyrion's regiment of Silver Helms. Not wanting to lose control the way the foolish High Elf had however, she held back too much and fumbled the spell, with the power dissipating harmlessly. Malekith glared in her direction; failure was not tolerated amongst the senior ranks of his underlings.
You suck! Roll better! Malekith's orders...
Further along the line, the forest rustled and then exploded outward as no less than 7 Hydras surged forth, the malevolent glares of their 35 combined heads taking in all around them. In front of them, a line of Dark Riders skidded to a halt right in front of the lines of Dragon Princes and Chariots. They raised their crossbows and unleashed a storm of bolts, managing to bring down 4 with the assistance of the Darkshard Crossbowmen behind them. A huge bolt from the Reaper Bolt Throwers on the hill sailed toward the Caledorian commander upon his Star Dragon, but it ricocheted harmlessly from his enchanted armour.
How many Hydras?? That is a whooole lot of ugly
Apparently a wall of Hydras needs a screen of Dark Riders for protection. Because Dark Riders are so much tougher. I guess...?
Ow! I think they're shooting at us!
The Doomfire Warlocks stepped their horses forward casually before gathering their power and casting a Doombolt at the Prince on a Sun Dragon. The bolts tore at both beast and rider, inflicting multiple wounds on each.
See, I told you to take a left!
Hard on the flank, more Dark Riders saw the Tiranoc Chariots caught with their flank exposed and needed no further invitation, sweeping them from the field and disappearing around the end of the cliff. 2 of their number failed to safely negotiate the trees on the way in, but the rest continued with a contemptuous sneer and never a backward glance.
Looking across the field after the first turn
The Dark Elf left flank
He likes to watch... Malekith sits back and puts his feet up whilst his minions get their hands dirty
Things are about to get messier
Scary as whole herds of Hydras can be, there are admittedly some things waiting for them
Another shot across most of the field
The same view, a little closer
End of Turn 1
High Elves: 817 VPs
Dark Elves: 350 VPs

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