Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Finuval Plain: The final charge

Tomorrow is the day. We've just about finished packing the models, and soon we shall be heading for bed before an early start. My last few days have involved far too much painting, but we're just about where I wanted to be. A couple of final additions to the forces are Tyrion (on foot) and Teclis.

Now it's entirely possible that nobody has a walking Tyrion model, given that he only ever rides into battle in style atop his faithful steed, Malhandir. However, at the commencement of the battle of Finuval Plain, Tyrion fought a duel with the Dark Elf Urian Poisonblade in the centre of the field. Tyrion was on foot, so I figured we needed a model for this iconic moment of the game. I ended up just kitbashing a model from a number of different sources, and using a little green stuff to finish the job. But I figure he does the job.
Dragon rider helm, torso, arms and sword, Noble wings, a set of White Lion charioteer legs, and a cloak I've had kicking around for ages, but don't know where it came from...
The heart is from green stuff, but he's mostly plastic.
Nice cloak, isn't it? Anyone know what this came from?
And then there is Teclis - greatest of High Elf mages, and one of the most broken special characters over the last several years. You would think that all of the High Elf players contributing models to this game would have a painted Teclis. But noooo. Nobody did! So I finally had to get around to doing something I have studiously avoided for the last 20 years - painting up my Teclis model. Now at least someone has him ready to go...
The first time I used this guy, he toppled off the table, bent his ears and broke his sword and staff. This was sufficiently disappointing that I never got around to even trying to paint him. Eventually I got a new one, complete with attached pointy bits. 
Hopefully his all-powerful rules don't go to his head this time, and he pays more attention to the perils of table edges and hard floors.
I've also spent more time than I care to admit trying to update my 20 old Phoenix Guard models (who were painted about 15 years ago and looked pretty terrible), as well as painted 20 more from scratch in order to give us at least one decent unit of them for the game. I didn't quite get them done, but they'll do for the game. No pics for now - look for them when the battle report is done.

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  1. Huzzah! May various gods smile upon Teclis and his lightning-riddled blade! He has been waiting twenty years for this moment - his next great chance to fall off the table!

    I assume from your comment about 'decent sized units' that the 75 archers mentioned in the Google Doc list of what everyone has will not be deployed as a single unit as I suggested?