Sunday, 16 March 2014

More Painted Dwarf Warriors

I'm making pretty good progress at the moment. I've decided to go with the approach of painting this unit in smallish batches of guys rather than one or two huge groups, and it is definitely more rewarding. Rather than having nothing to show for my efforts until the entire regiment is eventually finished, I now have a usable unit of 21 guys, even though the project as a whole is still only half done.

This batch was a mixed group of 7 models, including some more Skull Pass guys and a couple of very old multi-pose plastics. Once again the unified colour scheme and conversions seem to bring them together as a unit despite their different eras of manufacture.
7 painted Dwarf Warriors to bolster my ranks
The new unit champion, using the Skull Pass Dwarf Lord model. Up this close you can really see how rough my paintjob on him is. Ah well, he looks OK at a distance. In the right light. When you squint (memories of an old White Dwarf article from Steve Anastasoff come to mind here).
The unit champion has a cloak, which will help him stand out a bit. Makes him kind of a lump of plastic, too.
The converted Skull Pass Thunderer standard bearers, ready to go.
The Skull Pass Thunderer champion conversion and another Skull Pass recruit.
The ancient multi-pose plastic guys. The detail on these old models is really not crisp, even compared to the Skull Pass guys. But they have character.
The unit as a whole is coming together. 21 and growing...
But what is this? I have emptied the dreaded Dip Pot, and finished stripping a number of models. I am itching to paint some of these guys. Might even leapfrog some of the Warriors in the painting queue.
There is a good chance the next update will be about Dwarfs, but I am not going to promise it will be more Warriors. Time will tell.

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  1. Looking good! You have the right idea, no need to go all Golden Demon on every model. They'll be in a big blob of dwarves. They look from the tabletop and that's all that matters.