Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Painting Dwarf Clansmen

So rather than stop, wait and really consider the feedback I had received in my previous post (and thanks to everyone who did respond), I immediately went and started painting some Skull Pass Dwarf Warriors. At the time I figured I could use them as a test of colour schemes, and that 10 guys wouldn't be an overwhelming number when mixed in with other models anyway (if that was the way I decided to go). 
10 Skull Pass Warriors, painted to a decent tabletop standard. As usual, nothing on the banner yet. One day...

Not long after I started off on this course of action, people started to respond to the post. The general opinion is clearly that things should be mixed up in each unit, although exactly how wildly mixed they should be (everything I've got all together, or grouping things by similar style/era) was more debatable. One suggestion was to remove some of the less varied stuff from their slots and mix up their angling on the bases a bit to add variety. This is a particularly good idea, and something I will do going forward - although it was a bit late for these guys. Similarly there will doubtless be weapon swaps and shifts to further break things up, but again these guys have missed the boat there.
I don't mind these models really. They are pretty basic, especially at the back. I think that once there's a little conversion and angling though, they will do a decent job of bolstering my numbers without dragging the feel of the overall army down. Not so sure about Skull Pass cannons, though...
Anyway as with several of my armies, purple seems to be a recurring theme through most of my Dwarf units. I thought I would continue this and went for purple and blue. Looks OK to me at this point. I'd be happy enough with a unit in these colours.

No doubt my next addition to the army (and probably to this unit) will be slightly better planned and help to break the single pose theme a little.


  1. Those look fantastic colour scheme works really well - extending it to the boots was an interesting touch that actually kind of works for me

    1. Cheers. The boot thing is something I've done a bit before. I find a lot of the Dwarf models don't have a lot of opportunity for uniform colours given all the armour and beard, and the boots tend to be wasted with black or brown - nobody will ever look at those. It somehow adds to the old-school feel of some of the models too, which I like.

    2. I like the purple and blue. And the varied beard colours works well.