Thursday, 8 May 2014

Duelling Gamers - Month 2 Commences

We are already 9 days into the second month of the Tale of Duelling Gamers, but my progress has been modest thus far. This is not great news, given I've actually had 2 of our regular Painting Nights to work with, and I don't have a ton to show for it.

I considered revising my target for the month when I realised I had planned to paint 5 more Troll Slayers after painting 15 last month, but in the end it was easiest just to stick with my original goal. So here are some shots of my current progress, and my monthly target as a whole.
Proof that I have been doing some painting. Also proof that sometimes I decide to use some questionable colour schemes. Too many units across too many different armies...
Here is the whole target for the month - 16 Quarrellers and 5 Slayers.
A sample model. They're actually mostly done at this point - they just don't look it yet. 
I am discovering that I don't like painting Dwarf Quarrellers. Crossbows in general annoy me because it is too frequently difficult to work out on the model what is meant to be metal and what is wood. And then there is the fact that the majority of these models have a crossbow right in front of their faces, which makes it very difficult to get to their beards when painting. This is partly self-inflicted (given that I assembled them), but it's still annoying. I'm not liking the thought of painting more of them (I own about 50 in total, although they won't all be painted during this challenge).

I'll have to make a point of spending some more time at the painting table if I want to make this month's target as comfortable as I feel it should be.


  1. That pile doesn't look like it should take you long.
    I'm sure I read about you painting much more than that in a month!

    What's your overall colour scheme going to be? Orange and then a unit-specific colour?

    1. There certainly have been months where I have painted a lot more, however the point of this challenge is that the painting targets are steady and not overly burdensome. If I have to spend every available moment painting, I think I am missing the point of the exercise.

      I don't think my Dwarfs will have a seriously coherent colour scheme. A lot of my existing units have purple on them somewhere, but between them, my Empire and some of my High Elves, it was getting a bit much. My Hammerers don't include purple anyway, so I am continuing to branch out. Hopefully the consistent painting and basing style will tie them together given that the colour scheme will not.

  2. Quarrellers in units of 10-20 seem to run well under the rule book, and 21 miniatures is a nice amount to paint in the time period. The orange green seems to work almost an autumn scheme. Seen red and green work well but never thought of orange, nice.

  3. I paint my empire Hochland army in orange/green, it really works imo. Like the soldiers of La Valette in Witcher 2

    1. I've never played the Witcher games, but I agree that the scheme works well enough.