Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Duelling Gamers - Month 2 Update

We're nearly halfway through the month, and my progress has still been fairly limited. Having said that, I have now completed 8 models and there are only 13 more to go, so it still feels more or less under control.

As I say, I have 8 models done now. The first half of my Dwarf Quarrellers are finished, and I can now move on to the other batch. I am not overly excited by these guys or how they turned out, but they'll be fine and I'm certainly not unhappy enough with them to go back and change anything. And to be honest they look a whole lot better now I have painted the edges of the bases and added some static grass. Funny how that can make a difference. Maybe it's just because I know they're not finished without that.
8 completed Dwarf Quarrellers, in the unfashionable combination of green and orange
A sample of how they look from behind. They're not super crisp, but will look fine on the table.
The standard bearer is the only conversion in the unit, and even he is very minor. He has a crossbow pistol made from the combination of a slightly trimmed down pistol and the head of a crossbow. It's not perfect, but nobody is going to care.
Oh, and just in case you thought he couldn't see past that banner to shoot - he can. He's just using it to help him focus. Or something.
It's tempting to shift to the 5 Troll Slayers rather than keeping on working on the Quarrellers, but I'd rather have a usable unit to show for my efforts sooner rather than later, so I will persevere. The Slayers will get their chance later.


  1. You know what. I actually liked the color combination, it just screams "We're special!" :D
    I think it works so well because of how well I think you paint. Keep up the good work :)

    1. Cheers! Although they're just Quarrellers... Not really special at all. Poor guys.

  2. I think they look rather good and any dwarf lord worth his salt would welcome them into the throng.

  3. I also quite like the colour scheme. Quarrellers always do well in my book, so they're special to me ;)

    1. I guess that's the main thing - that people make them FEEL special. :)

  4. Hey,
    Just a quick hi from across the world (France) here. Got caught in your blog by Hel Fenn and I've been following you since then! Thanks for the regular updates.
    Those quarellers do look good. Probably not enough for a painting competition, but more than fine for table top. I like the banner most of all - it's really looking like velvet, with good shading and highlights.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Colin, glad you like the blog!

      Having never actually entered a painting competition, that's not really what I'm aiming for. Tabletop quality is more my speed. Nobody would be looking at the models so closely if it wasn't for the cruel clarity of the photos on the blog...

      I'd like to think that one day I'll go back and do details like symbols on the banners. But given that I'm probably about 50 banners behind already, that might be wishful thinking.