Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Some painting progress

My Ostland Elector Count model is finished!

This is a relief, because I almost failed to get him done within the April window for the "Empire model per month" challenge. You know you're not doing very well when getting a single model painted in an entire month is proving difficult. I blame distractions and things.
Valmir von Raukov, Elector Count of Ostland
His face was one of those that is really pretty easy to paint. Obvious highlights and nothing fiddly.
Those silly coat tassels. I had real trouble working out what I was doing with those.
I may have had to alter the horse's ankle to get it on that angle on the resin base. I honestly can't remember. It was a while ago.
He has a Runefang, so I painted it with similar colours to my other Runefangs. I thought I was using exactly the same colours, but when I was done I realised I had used the wrong set of colours - the range around Hawk Turquoise instead of Scaly and Jade Green. Oops. Whatever.

The next things I paint will be for use in the Albion campaign, so my May addition for the Empire challenge may have to wait until fairly late in the month. I have things undercoated. How hard can it be?


  1. Bah! I have failed to provide enough distractions and things!

    1. Yeah, you talk a good distraction, but your distractions clearly lack substance.