Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Warhammer 8th Edition Scenario: Foothold

As we go along in the campaign, there will doubtless be plenty of new scenarios laid out for the players to contend with. Everyone seems ready for a fresh and interesting challenge. Not all of the scenarios will necessarily be even. But both sides will always be in with a chance.

Here we have the scenario that was used for the first battle between Empire and Warriors of Chaos.


An attacking force is attempting to gain a foothold in enemy territory, whilst the defender is trying to force them back.

The Battlefield
Terrain can be set up however you like. In our case we left one end of the table fairly bare as it represented the grassland just above the sandy beaches. 

The Attacker and Defender both choose armies of an equal points value.

The battle is played lengthwise down a 6’x4’ table. Armies can be deployed anywhere within 24” of the short table edge, which puts them up to 24” apart.

Once the table has been set up, the entire Defending army is deployed. Then the entire Attacking army is deployed.

Who Goes First?
Once deployment is complete, the Attacker rolls a dice to attempt to steal the first turn. On the roll of a 6, the Attacker gets the first turn. Otherwise the Defender gets the first turn.

The battle lasts for 6 turns.

Victory Conditions
The objective of the battle is to claim territory from the enemy. The table is divided into 4 18” deep bands. A band is controlled if at the end of the game you have non-fleeing models in it, and the enemy has none. The winner is determined by Victory Points. Control of the bands is worth the following bonuses:

Zone 1: 0 VPs
Zone 2: 200 VPs
Zone 3: 400 VPs
Zone 4: 800 VPs

Zone 1: 800 VPs
Zone 2: 400 VPs
Zone 3: 200 VPs
Zone 4: 0 VPs

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