Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Convic Ogres

Convic was on the weekend and no doubt a tournament report will be coming fairly soon. However I thought I might make a separate post to show how I did from a modelling and painting perspective, given that I posted several times to show my progress in the lead-up. This is how things looked on the day.
My Convic Ogre family pic

All of the models in the photo above were used during Convic, but not all at once. The changing lists from 1000 to 1500 to 2000 points resulted in some things being added in and others being dropped as the army grew. So what you see here is probably a bit over 2500 points.

If you look closely at the Siegebreakers in the picture above, you will see that they are usable, but not truly finished. Only one of them got colour on his shield and the gold details properly highlighted. The rest ran around with brass details and are still waiting for a final bit of attention. Actually, I need to go and model some extra detail on these guys so it can be picked out in gold to tie in better with the shields. So I ran out of momentum on these guys and they wound up being the only "unfinished" element of the army.

Another thing that I suggested I would probably be doing was using some spacer bases rather than packing all of the units full of models. Some of them had the full complement of Ogres, notably the Warriors, Chariots (Mournfangs) and Hunters (sort of). The rest had the equivalent of one missing Ogre-worth of bases. It helped things fit, helped me get ready in time, and it also allowed me to do this:
The Shooter horde carrying damage and "waver" markers, both of which are on magnetic bases, so are nicely hooked onto the steel movement tray. 
All in all I think the effect was fine. The units still looked complete. Anyway, as suggested by the photo above, I did manage to get the Shooters all done. Bearing in mind that none of these models existed as more than an idea a few weeks before the tournament, it was not a bad effort...
An Ogre Shooter horde. They're a good unit in KoW. I suppose I could use these guys as Leadbelchers in a Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms army - mix them in with the cannon guys. Otherwise they are likely to find themselves only used as unit fillers for Empire crossbowmen.
Shooter number 1.
Shooter number 2
Shooter number 3
This guy aims up a fair bit. Really just a legacy of how the bits fitted together. Oh well, there are taller things than Ogres on the field. Sometimes.
This guy is the unit mascot, assembled by Shags. With the crossbow upside-down. Oops.
If these guys get more attention, it will be to add the odd crossbow bolt and maybe give each guy a quiver. If I find myself playing a lot of KoW with Ogres, I will probably want a second horde of these guys, as they are really the army's main fire-power. If that happens, they will likely be dressed to match the old Marksmen of Miragliano. That should be a bit different.

I only had 3 Empire-style Leadbelchers and one with a Volley Gun, so had to throw together one more Boomer. This guy was the result.
As for the Boomers, if I decide I want a second unit of those, I have a plan. I have been making Ogre Siegebreakers to tie in with my Dwarf Ironbreakers. It would be a pity not to have something to keep the Irondrakes company...

Anyway as I say, I will talk about how the tournament itself went in another post or two. I took plenty of pictures, so you can admire these guys in action then. :P


  1. Super cool army. Congratulations!!

    1. Cheers, at the very least it is unique! Like an overfed Empire army...

  2. This does look really cool!
    Can't wait to see the Marksmen.

  3. The faith of the international internet hippo conspiracy is justified! And only minor poking with sticks was required!