Sunday, 3 July 2016

The last rush before Convic

Well Convic is in 5 days and I have been busy. Unfortunately I still have a lot to do. But I think I can get there.

First of all, I had to submit my lists for the tournament, which pretty much meant deciding what I would commit to getting ready before the event. These are the Ogre lists I came up with:

1000 points:

  • Horde of Warriors
  • Regiment of Berserker Braves
  • Regiment of Hunters with Brew of Haste
  • Regiment of Shooters
  • Captain with Blade of Slashing
  • Army Standard with the Boomstick
  • Warlock

1500 points:

  • Horde of  Warriors
  • Horde of Warriors
  • Regiment of Berserker Braves
  • Horde of Siege Breakers
  • Horde of Shooters
  • Horde of Boomers
  • Captain with Blade of Slashing
  • Warlock

2000 points:

  • Legion of Warriors with Maccwar's Potion of the Caterpillar
  • Horde of Siege Breakers with Brew of Haste
  • Horde of Siege Breakers
  • Horde of Shooters with Brew of Keen-eyeness
  • Horde of Boomers with Heart-seeking Chant
  • Regiment of Chariots with Brew of Courage
  • Captain
  • Grokagamok

I'd make grand predictions of inevitable victory etc, but honestly I'll just be happy to get it all on the table in a completed state. Here is what I am still working on..
The final wave about to be undercoated.
And after the undercoat. On the workbench right now. 2 Siegebreakers, 1 Boomer, 5 Shooters, effectively 2 Hunters (the wolves have a specific purpose) and a whole pile of bases.
Many of the units will end up with 1 model less than the full quota, for instance 5 Siegebreakers representing a Horde of 6. The empty bases will be slotted between things. There are a few reasons for this. A lot of my home-made models are huge and bulky and tend to take up more than their share of space, so may actually look better a little more spaced out. The extra room will also give me somewhere to put my damage and wavering/disordered counters. Oh, and time is a factor too.
This guy didn't catch the mass undercoating stage because Shags was still putting him together. This is significant because it's the first time someone other than me has tried to make sense of all my various Ogre components and make something from them. He still had to use greenstuff to scratch build a suitable left arm, and looks to have chopped up the other arm pretty comprehensively too. So there you go, it's a team effort this time.
IF I have time, I may work on adding some life and colour to the Siegebreakers.
The shield above will be the first part of the unit to deviate from the universal steel look I've been using. Honestly not sure how well this will come out with colour and the rest. The other parts of the model are lacking in the extra edging and detail required to echo the gold I am going to use here, so I may have to come back later (after Convic) and address that with some more greenstuff. This shield will definitely get the full treatment before Convic to see what it looks like. The other guys may have to wait.


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