Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Countdown to Convic

There are now 2 days left until Convic. In practical hobby terms, that means there are 2 evenings left. Needless to say, time is running out. Given I am being asked by a few people each day for progress updates, I figured I should just post a proper update here.

As of now, this is how my works in progress look:

This is the most complete of my WIP stuff - my Hunter regiment. I wanted to turn my Warhammer Hunter into the basis for a unit, but given he is on a 50x50mm base (with no hope of fitting on anything smaller), I had to improvise a bit to fill out the unit to the correct width (and mostly the correct depth, if you ignore the fat guy in the middle). That wolf on the right is on a 30x40mm base, chopped out of perspex (it was what I had lying around). All these guys need now is some static grass.
One Boomer and Five Shooters, all WIP. The 3 on the left have had the final layer of white - the others still need that final highlight. Then they all need 2 highlights on the purple, the wood etc on the crossbows, highlights on the skin, and final touches on the bases.
These were the final 2 Siegebreakers to be constructed, bringing my total to 10. The guy on the right shows how all the shields will eventually look. Whether that happens before Convic, I don't know - it will be one of the lowest priority tasks and is not super quick. The models will need extra detail to add some more gold elsewhere to echo the shield, but that will almost certainly not happen by Saturday.
The Ogre fillers for my Empire Flagellants are getting a run as Berserker Braves in this event. This guy has a pin with which is normally sits on a bell carriage. He now also plugs into a base
More bases, awaiting static grass. You may have noticed that many of my Ogre units are totalling 5 or 10 models instead of 6 or 12. I've mentioned before that some of my stuff will get spaced a little for practical reasons. These bases will fill in the gaps. The single 20x20mm ones will allow me to keep the movement tray covered whilst magnetising my wound counters to the tray (they are also on 20x20mm bases).
Will I get there? It probably depends on what you consider "getting there". I am confident I can get things to a usable standard. I'd like to be able to sweep through all my Siegebreakers and bring them to life with more colour, but time will tell there.


  1. The international internet hippo conspiracy, while still believing in you, has dispatched one of it's agents to poke you with a sharp stick until you finish things.

    1. That explains the pain in my ribs. Hippo agents are surprisingly stealthy!