Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Ogre Shooters on their way

My Convic preparations continue. I have been fiddling with lists a little bit, but I am rapidly running out of time. If I want to keep the bonus points for being organised, I need to submit my list on Friday. Realistically I am not going to get an enormous amount done between now and then, so I guess I need to base my lists on what I now know I can get done by the end of next week.

One of the things I am sure I want in at least the 2000 point list is a horde of Ogre Shooters. In the absence of any actual artillery, these guys are as close as you get. Kind of half way between artillery and regiments of missile troops. Also it's an excuse to model up Ogres who are wandering around firing actual bolt throwers that they have "borrowed" from some of the smaller races. If Ogres can steal cannons and shoot them from the hip, why not bolt throwers?

The models are gradually coming together. It's harder to pose these guys than most of the other weapons I've worked with, because the weapon doesn't just sit in the user's hands - it needs to be tucked under the arm if it's going to be posed anything close to firing. Not all of them will be like that, but I want some of them to be.
4 Shooters in various states of assembly.

In the grand scheme of things, I think I will want to be able to field 2 hordes of Shooters. The second will likely be dressed in a slightly different style so they fit in with my Marksmen of Miragliano models. I'll worry about that later, when I have a bit more time. For Convic it will be just the one horde in the classic puffy style.

I recently put some paint on 2 more Siegebreakers, bringing my total to 8. That's technically enough for a minimum model count of 2 hordes, but I'd rather be bringing closer to the full 12. We'll see how I am going for time and energy. I also only have 4 Boomers. So could do with 2 more, but could get away with what I have. I'd also like some Hunters. Hey, I still have over a week...

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