Thursday, 16 June 2016

We need more Ogres!

Having committed to taking Ogres to Convic, I have a lot of work to do between now and July 9. I need to work out the specific lists I want to take, and then I need to make all the models I will need. Or I need to look at the models I have, and make lists based on that. Unfortunately these approaches are kind of mutually exclusive. Do we start with the chicken, or the egg?

The natural course of action is to procrastinate. I have not really sat down and made a concerted effort to make lists, largely because I know that I will somehow decide that I want to use things that are simply impossible for me to prepare in the time I have available. I am really silly like that. 

In the meantime, I am cracking on with getting as many models ready as I can. I am trying to go for a sort of compromise between the chicken and the egg. I am looking at the army list with an eye to what I think I will want to use, then trying to use that as a guide for what to work on. Then I can admit defeat at some point and commit to a list based on what I managed to get done. 
Siegebreakers 7, 8 and 9 on their way. I am not even sure if the units look better with 6 models jammed together or 5 slightly more spaced (the models are very big, after all), so I might settle for making 10 and a couple of spacers between now and Convic.

My goal has always been to make 2 hordes of Siegebreakers, so I am trying to push through to that goal. I also know that I want to make some Shooters. I tried using Orcs in the past, and found the complete lack of significant shooting options a bit of a downer. I hope to be able to avoid that problem with my Ogres. So ideally Boomers and Shooters. I really like the idea of Hunters too, as they offer something a little different. So clearly I should just make all these things in the next few weeks, right? What could possibly go wrong?
What is that?
I have a lot to do in the next few weeks, so I might make a point of posting semi-regular updates here so you can track my obvious success/glorious failure as I go.


  1. Insanely optimistic. I predict epic fail. Prove me wrong, Hoodling, prove me wrong.

  2. The massed hippos of the internet believe in you oh mighty lord of hoods! Onwards to victory and/or glory!

    1. I have great faith in the delusional nature of the internet hippos!

  3. Rubbish! It's only a delusion if you are proved wrong!