Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Getting back into the KoW mood

Recently the campaign has absorbed most of my gaming effort and attention. Well, that and things like Warhammer: Total War. As a result, I think I have only actually played 1 game of Kings of War since Cancon back in January. Seems hard to believe. Anyway, although I need to keep the campaign ticking over and bring things to a proper conclusion, I also need to start getting back into the swing of things with KoW. The main reason being that Convic is now less than a month away. 

Convic has traditionally been a Warhammer Fantasy and Warmachine/Hordes event, but this year it's running KoW. I think this is a good thing, but it has also retained its traditional format of running for 2 full days and it seems like people have not really rushed to embrace it. I think the local KoW community is still finding its feet, and whilst an event on a national scale like Cancon was able to bring together enough players for a 2-dayer, Convic is struggling to get traction. I think it's just that people currently prefer the ease of 1 day events. They're not yet at a point where they are willing to go to the inconvenience of setting aside an entire weekend, as they did in the past for Warhammer.

Anyway, Convic is also doing some interesting things in terms of army sizes, with 3 different lists being used (all from the same race) - 2 games at 1000 points, 2 at 1500 and 3 at 2000. It should be interesting. The variety is probably not that important for someone like me, given I have not been playing much at all. But it will make people think a bit more. This is good and bad. I don't really want to think...
My game on the weekend against Drew's Ogre pirates

On the weekend I pulled out some stuff and actually played another game of KoW. I used Kingdoms of Men against Drew's Ogres. It was apparent that Drew and I had forgotten most of the rules that we must have known a few months ago, but it wasn't that hard to get things working again. And I lost, which seems to be becoming something of a recurring theme. This time I paid the price for not allocating enough units to contest all of the objectives. And for failing repeatedly to blow up Drew's Red Goblin Blasters, curse them.

For Convic I am intending to get an Ogre army ready to play, but looking at the list it is becoming clear that I may need to make and paint a lot of stuff in a matter of a few weeks. I still hope to be able to get it done, but I need to get cracking.


  1. Thanks for the game.
    I feel completely prepared to play ConVic now. By which I mean I won't get a chance to play again until then!

    1. I too am prepared. Maybe I will find time to actually play a game with the race I am planning to take to the event. If the army itself is ready in time.

      I am so organised.

  2. years back I discovered that when you were short of time and units, places like ebay seemed to materialise useful units for dollars. Mind you they were not painted as well as yours are.

    1. My problem really is just that I decide I want to do things a certain way. If all I needed was more Ogres, I still have another painted army of them waiting in the wings. And plenty more sitting unpainted in a box.

      But if I didn't make life hard for myself it wouldn't be fun, right? :P