Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Metal Ogres march forth

On the weekend some of my home-made Ogre Siegebreakers got their first outing in the campaign. I still have not really "finished" any of them, however they are about as done as they need to be for my current purposes. I figured I should probably show where they are currently at.
6 Ogre Shieldbreakers with basically no colour on them at all. Very dark, very metal.
Very crowded, too. I'm not sure they wouldn't look better a little spaced out. I will experiment, but I might deliberately remove a model from the unit when I use them as a horde in KoW.
Bit more breathing room.
In the long run I imagine the detailing on their shields (and maybe in some other places) will be gold, and they will get some regimental colours, most likely purple and orange to tie in with my existing Dwarf Ironbreaker scheme.
Big? No, they're not big. Well, maybe a little. Everything about them is big. No wonder they don't fit together in a unit very well.
In the long run, these guys will get more detail and colour. I have deliberately avoided adding materials, feathers, and colour in general at this point but once they are done in the campaign I can push on with them to the way I imagine they will end up. Hopefully that step will be relatively quick, unless I get too carried away patching up the obvious blemishes in the models.
The scattered pieces of their comrades lie in wait.
I want to make another unit, but I'm not sure how I am going in terms of time. They might not be ready for when I need them in the campaign. They will definitely happen later, though. I want them for Kings of War.


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    1. Then go forth, and use modelling putty irresponsibly like I have! More than one person can take part in such folly!