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The Battle of Heffengen - Part 3

This post is part 3 of the report on the Battle of Heffengen. You can read part 2 here.

As noted at the end of the notes for turn 2, a decision was made at the start of turn 3 that from turn 4 onward, the Chaos players would be permitted to target Karl Franz with shooting attacks. The decision seemed logical as the reason I gave for protecting him was that Gurug’ath wanted the satisfaction of killing him personally, and Gurug’ath was long gone. Also, the great and glorious Emperor looked set to not move for the entire game, and I figured it might encourage him to get a bit more involved.

To cushion the blow a bit, we decided that units wishing to shoot at him had to pass a Ld test first, as they struggled to overcome their standing orders.

Chaos Turn 3
Chaos turn 3.
Across the field, hundreds of daemons seemed to slow their advance as they cocked their heads slightly to the side as though listening to something. For listening they were, as the voices of the ruinous powers drifted upon the winds of magic. Wizards in the Empire army cried out and clapped their hands over their ears as they tried to drown out the terrible voices.

“Gurug’ath has failed us,” the chorus of voices seemed to moan and shriek, roar and gurgle. “The human Emperor must fall. Bring us his head.”

Karl Franz shifted slightly in his saddle as hundreds of baleful eyes seemed to shift his way all at once.
On the western flank the Chaos forces continued to press forward. The pack of hounds that had chased the pistoliers from the field returned, looking slightly more blood-spattered than before. The indestructible chimera swept in alongside the ogres as they pressed on into the pistoliers. Between them they made exceedingly short work of the light cavalry, and their momentum carried them on into the waiting ranks of halberdiers.
The invincible chimera joins the ogres in beating ups some pistoliers.
There are fewer ogres than I remember. Clearly the shooting did a fair bit of damage whilst they spent time reforming.
The discipline of the flank had been anchored capably by the presence of Garrat Mecke and his bodyguard of knights, however his bellowing orders became suddenly slurred before falling silent altogether as Acquiescence was cast upon the regiment by the sorcerer of Slaanesh, approaching with his retinue of Chaos knights. 
The daemon prince gets some help and the furies arrive to annoy the halberdiers
The swordsmen struggling against the daemon prince found themselves in a great deal more trouble as the frenzied ogres arrived belatedly and a gorebeast chariot crashed in on the other side. The front ranks of the swordsmen were slaughtered, however the regiment’s discipline held true and they steadfastly stood their ground.
What on earth is that thing? And why does it look like it's about to go all Saturday Night Fever on us?
Just another angle. Plenty more chariots where this one came from!
Furies shot through the air overhead and fell upon the front ranks of the halberdiers upon the hill, their talons scrabbling at the Amethyst wizard in their midst. The soldiers managed to fend off the worst of their attentions and protect the mage in their care, however as they seemed on the verge of destroying them entirely, the air around the fiends seemed to warp and twist, and the forms of those that had fallen were suddenly filled with new life. Their previous failure forgotten, they scrambled back into the air and set about harrying the wizard once more.
Marauders charge the demigryphs
The failed charge of the demigryphs toward the centre drew the attention of two bands of marauders, and they both set off to engage them. The larger horde fell short, held back by their unwieldy formation. The smaller band reached their targets and attacked with gusto, however without the support of their allies, they quickly found themselves overmatched. The demigryphs tore into their ranks, shrugging off the return blows as they attacked. The charge of the marauders soon turned into a rout despite their numbers, and the few survivors were scattered as the beasts pursued them and mauled more of their number. The human knights sitting astride the demigryphs did little more than cheer them on, knowing that their input was scarcely required.
The marauders are predictably out-fought. I think Dave forgot he was steadfast though, which was kind of the point...
The forces defending the hill in the centre of the Empire lines found themselves under attack as a huge mob of beasts of Nurgle and a band of Khorne marauders charged into the knights that had chased off the gor herd. Denied the opportunity to put their lances to use, the knights drew their swords and fought to hold their position. Despite being heavily outnumbered, their plate armour kept them safe and the reassuring presence of the Emperor close behind them ensured that they held the line.
Beasts of nurgle and marauders charge the small knight unit, but Ld10 and stubborn from Karl Franz ensure they're not going anywhere.
A constant stream of reinforcements move up behind. I think the central BSS was in this plaguebearer unit, so Dave wanted it up close.
The Kislev free company had rallied after their ill-fated encounter with the bestigor, however they soon found themselves under attack once more as the beastmen charged into them again. They were soon dismembered by a flurry of axe blows, and this time there was nobody left to flee.

Behind the bestigor, both skullcannons of Khorne lined up shots against a steam tank, trying to finish off the wounded steel beast. Perhaps distracted by the whispered instructions of the Chaos gods on the winds, both cannons failed to fire properly, although exactly how bad the misfires were was unclear, information that was perhaps deliberately confused by the ruinous powers (and/or the Chaos players).
The Kislev free company are gone, and the White Wolves and minotaurs continue to grind each other to dust
The knights of the White Wolf continued their brutal struggle against the minotaurs, felling a few more of the brutes and wounding the doombull, but taking more than a dozen casualties of their own. The carnage was immense, and though the knights continued to take a terrible toll on the minotaurs, the beasts seemed to grow angrier and more frenzied with each passing moment.
No mercy! There's only a few of them left. Should be fine, right? How many attacks do they have each now? Only 24 between the 3 of them? Oh, we got this...
The greatswords were already fighting defensively when their situation was worsened further by the arrival of a huge group of bloodletters. Casualties continued to mount on both sides as the Chaos forces pressed forward. The greatswords stubbornly held their ground even as their numbers dwindled, but it was too much for the swordsmen. Having charged in to try to relieve their comrades, they now beat a hasty retreat whilst the forsaken turned their full attention back to the greatswords to their front.
Send in ALL the bloodletters! I guess they should be steadfast, right?
The swordsmen depart in a hurry whilst the greatswords go back to fighting alone.
The most handsome man on the table decides to make friends with some ogres
Large, obnoxious dice were used as wound counters in too many places. If we ever do this again, I will address it.
The unsightly giant of Nurgle lumbered forward into combat with Grub Kineater’s ogres, however the engagement was brief. Blows were exchanged and the ogres pressed forward, unintimidated by the size of their opponent. Bewildered by this behaviour, the giant staggered backward and fell before being quickly bludgeoned to death by his opponents.

Eyeing the easy target of a steam tank, one of the sorcerers on the eastern flank conjured up a Purple Sun of Xereus and sent it forth with a gloating cackle. The laughter died on his lips as the spell fizzled out well before it reached any victims, and the sorcerer was careful not to look any of his comrades in the eye as he tried to pretend that nothing untoward had occurred.
The chaos sorcerer embarrasses himself with a particularly poor Purple Sun of Xereus
Some ogres just don't know when to quit.
By our powers combined, we might ALMOST be able to kill this single flagellant.
One daemon prince remained locked in a struggle with the remaining leadbelcher, but the other one took to the air with a crack of his wings before dropping from the sky to assist the chimera, who seemed to be having trouble finishing off the final flagellant. Seeing the daemon approaching, the lunatic human shrieked something about the end before smacking himself in the head with his own flail, ending his resistance. Denied the satisfaction of dealing with the miserable fool himself, the daemon prince swept on into combat with the knight regiment led by Valten and Gotfrei Talb, the general of the Empire east flank. 
I'll go you, Valten!
The other leadbelchers cop a whole lot of troll to the flank
The huge mob of trolls made predictably short work of the trio of ogres defying them, however they were too dull-witted to respond when two of the leadbelchers lived long enough to realise their mistake and turned to run. The ogres barged their way through another struggle that had erupted between the depleted greatswords by the river and the combined charges of the giant and a group of forsaken. The greatswords were outmatched, but held their ground as the giant wasted time bellowing belligerently into their faces rather than crushing them all like the bugs they were.
The surviving leadbelchers escape
The greatswords may be in trouble
Perhaps it was the looming threat of the growing light in the clouds overhead, or perhaps it was some third sense that led several Chaos regiments on the east flank to move to face the river. Maybe they just liked water. Or maybe they had some inkling of what was coming thanks to the sinister, hollow laughter that seemed to be echoing out of nowhere...

Empire Turn 3
Vlad Von Carstein's Undead Reinforcements
(Not all of whom make it onto the map at this point...)
  • GG1 50 Grave Guard
  • GG2 50 Grave Guard
  • GG3 30 Grave Guard
  • G1 80 Ghouls
  • G2 80 Ghouls
  • G3 60 Ghouls
  • S1 65 Skeletons
  • S2 50 Skeletons
  • Z1 80 Zombies
  • Z2 80 Zombies
  • Z3 80 Zombies
  • Z4 60 Zombies
  • HW1 5 Hexwraiths
  • HW2 5 Hexwraiths
  • CW 9 Cairn Wraiths
  • CC1 Corpse Cart
  • CC2 Corpse Cart
  • SH1 3 Spirit Host
  • SH2 3 Spirit Host
  • BG Baltasar Gelt
Empire Turn 3. Vlad himself is in GG2
The time for waiting was over. With a chorus of trumpets and a roar, the Empire lines surged forward all across the field. Even Garrat Mecke’s bewitched bodyguard of knights engaged the enemy, although in their case it was more of a drunken lurch that brought them within reach of the Chaos hounds that had been tormenting them throughout the battle.

On the eastern flank, the waters of the Revesnacht river suddenly churned as Vlad sprung his trap. Classically megalomaniacal Von Carstein laughter echoed across the battlefield as rank upon rank of the living dead emerged from their hiding places under the water.
The river is full of dead people! Like, really overflowing...
OK, so dire predictions that we would not be able to fit everything in a single wave proved very true. Oh well, it's nice to have reinforcements up your sleeve.
Zombies! In your heee-ead
And some ghouls!
The vampire himself led the charge at the head of a regiment of his Drakenhof grave guard. Shaking his cape to remove some of the water from it, he gathered the power to cast Purple Sun of Xereus. However, at the moment of casting he was distracted by the wight behind him slipping on the muddy riverbank. This proved unfortunate as the spell shot forth backwards instead of forward, down the line of enemy trolls where it has been intended to go. The slipping grave guard was vapourised for its clumsiness, as were half a dozen of its comrades. Vlad dissipated the spell with a cultured curse, before casting Invocation of Nehek to restore some of the fallen wights (although the clumsy one remained conspicuously absent). The spell also stirred something to life in the nearby corpse cart, and all around it the movement of the undead seemed to speed up and become more certain.
Oops! Ah, I meant to do that!
The Chaos ranks were forced onto the defensive by the sudden appearance of hundreds of wights, zombies, ghouls and wraiths in their flank. Some regiments had managed to turn to present a proper defence, but others were less fortunate. A band of forsaken found themselves with a huge mob of ghouls in their flank. Both sides fought frantically, but the Chaos fanatics could not hold their position and they were scattered and torn apart as the sheer number of ghouls overcame them.
Vlad's grave guard versus the rather defensive Tzeentch chosen with shields. That's a sorcerer lord at the near end.
Lead from the front eh, Vlad?
The forsaken cop 80 ghouls to the flank. Not great.
A group of eerily cackling hexwraiths surged out of the waters and into the flank of the Chaos giant as he continued to lay into the beleaguered greatswords. The forsaken flanking the unit were also attacked as the ogre mournfangs crashed into them in an attempted rescue. A few forsaken were crushed before they could properly respond, but it was not enough to push them back. With a great, deafening whoop of delight, the giant leapt into the air and landed amidst the poor greatswords, pulverising what remained of the unit as he jumped up and down repeatedly, giggling like an idiot. With the Empire regiment’s unseemly demise, the struggle then separated as the forsaken and mournfangs pushed into each other and the giant finally turned his attention to the hexwraiths beside him.
Things are happening in there somewhere...
It gets a little simpler once the greatswords are gone and the combat splits
Blessed with an unnatural, frantic speed by the presence of the corpse cart, Vlad’s entourage of grave guard crashed into the shield wall of the chosen of Tzeentch. Several of the hulking chaos warriors were felled in the opening exchange, however they hacked down several of the attacking wights in return and held their position, trusting in the protection of their armour and that of their master.
Even with ASF from the corpse cart, the grave guard can't win decisively against the chosen
The Slaaneshi chaos warriors were attacked by another regiment of grave guard and a ghostly pack of wraiths. The wraiths shrieked and hissed as their ethereal blades cut through flesh and armour with equal ease, but the warriors ignored them to focus upon an enemy against which they could strike back, and managed to press back against the grave guard enough to force the combat to a standstill.
Things engaging all along the eastern flank
The Slaanesh warriors manage to fight the wraiths and grave guard to a draw
I thought the wraiths would tip this one, really
A huge mob of flagellants took advantage of the trolls’ obvious confusion at what was happening, and surged into their exposed flank. They wailed and howled as they attacked the monsters with their flails, and the cacophony as much as the loss of their own numbers was too much for the trolls. Their formation broke apart as they turned to run, but still they moved slowly and their fate was sealed as the flagellants swept over them and into a waiting regiment of Khornate warriors.
Flagellants flank the poor old trolls
The trolls are gone, bring on the next challenge!
One daemon prince finally disposed of the last of the leadbelchers it had been struggling against, but the other one was less fortunate. Having had the temerity to engage Valten himself, the daemon had barely had time to roar out a challenge when its intended quarry was upon it, heeling his horse forward and wielding Ghal Maraz in a shining arc of death. The daemon managed to strike a single wound before it was smashed to a pulp in rather contemptuous fashion.
Valten deals with the chimera in the foreground, whilst the chimera faces the ironguts. I'm not entirely clear how the wounded chimera doesn't die or break in this one.
Grub Kineater’s regiment of ironguts charged into the chimera that had finished devouring the last of the flagellants it was fighting, however they were unable to make any headway against it as it roared its defiance and lashed out savagely at its attackers. The other ogre regiment had more success, charging and driving off a group of trolls before carrying on into the exposed flank of some chaos warriors. Nearby the steam tank finally ran over He Who Must Not Be Mapped, the Tzeentch sorcerer on disc.
Ogres pursue into the flank of a unit of Chaos warriors
The wolfygryphs rescue the greatswords whilst the steam tank drives over the Tzeentch sorcerer
Toward the centre of the line, the swordsmen who had failed in their attempt to rescue the greatswords rallied. In front of them, the large regiment of demigryphs charged into the same forsaken, demonstrating how a rescue should really be performed. They tore savagely into the forsaken, tearing most of the unit apart before the few survivors turned to flee. They were also cut down as the demigryphs swept on through into another regiment of chaos warriors. The obliteration of the forsaken spelled doom for the remaining ungor who had been pressing forward relentlessly against the greatswords. Realising their fortunes had changed, the Empire soldiers attacked with renewed vigour and hacked apart several of the beastmen before chasing down the survivors. Their momentum carried them into the waiting line of daemon bloodcrushers, the wisdom of which may have been questionable in their greatly depleted state.
We're not finished yet! The bloodletters had not been in the greatsword combat this turn because the greatswords had dwindled too much to keep them in contact. Poor guys.
I think I'm bogged on something.
Another steam tank rumbled forwards and crashed into the endless ranks of bloodletters, crushing numerous daemons without really making an progress at all. The White Wolves and the minotaurs continued to lay into each other, with the latter now having worked themselves into a towering, gore-covered frenzy. Each minotaur was a whirlwind of death, however the Empire knights continued to strike back doggedly. One minotaur was felled and the doombull was dealt a number of cruel blows whilst he dismembered seven knights all by himself with huge, sweeping blows. The warrior priest fell trying to delay the minotaur champion, though he did little more than demonstrate to the survivors the fate that likely awaited them. Those knights that still fought wiped the remains of the warrior priest from their eyes and held their position, knowing that they fought to protect the emperor himself.
Not many models left in the fight now
For his part, Karl Franz may not have had complete faith in the ability of the White Wolves to carry the day, for he took to the skies on Deathclaw and settled on the other side of the hill, putting another regiment of knights between him and the minotaurs. Obviously he was “needed elsewhere”. If he was unnerved by the daemons all across the field seeming to eye him off personally, he didn’t show it. After all, a voice that seemed to whisper in his ear assured him that the daemon cannons had both malfunctioned, and couldn’t possibly fire in the immediate future. Presumably the message was the work of one of his wizards. Or perhaps it was something more sinister…
The Reiksguard and Teutogen guard (greatswords) move to assist the other knights, with mixed success.
They have quite the cheer squad behind them.
The knights struggling at the base of the hill against a tide of marauders and hideous beasts of Nurgle were offered some relief when a regiment of Reiksguard knights charged into the beasts alongside them, and Teutogen guard attacked the marauders. Mighty though the charge of the Reiksguard was however, the incredible resilience of the beasts was a match for it. Lances snapped off and seemed to be consumed into the bodies of the daemons as they regenerated the damage almost immediately. A single beast was felled, though a knight was dragged down in return. The Teutogen guard had more success with their heavy plate armour shrugging off the worst of the damage from the marauders before their heavy hammers took their toll. The marauders turned and fled, eluding the pursuit of Empire soldiers who instead directed their energies into a frontal assault on the approaching bestigor.
Bestigor vs greatswords. Great weapons everywhere!
The demigryphs charge into the Chaos lines all by themselves
Towards the western flank, the unit of demigryph knights  finally managed to wake their beasts up and charged into a group of flesh hounds. Several of the daemons fell, unable to penetrate the thick armour of their assailants in return. More of them dematerialised as their grip on reality faltered, though a couple remained to fight on.
The west flank finally moves
Another rescue operation under way
The swordsmen on the front line were clearly struggling to hold back the daemon prince, ogres and chariot crushing down on them, and several units moved to support them. The large regiment of Reiksguard knights charged into the gorebeast chariot whilst a captain spurred his pegasus into the air and descended to attack its flank. The luminark clattered forward and rammed into the ogres. Their combined efforts bought the swordsmen some small measure of reprieve as the ogres broke and ran, and were ridden down by the luminark as it pursued them. The chariot and daemon prince were made of sterner stuff however, and continued to cull the swordsmen.
The luminark runs down the broken ogres
On the hill behind that struggle, the furies continued to tear at the amethyst wizard lord and his halberdier bodyguard. The wizard was badly wounded, but the halberdiers and warrior priest fought back and cut down several of the daemons. Only one was able to retain its hold on the mortal realm as the remainder faded and vanished back into the realm of Chaos.

Mecke and his merry knights made short work of the chaos hounds despite their bedazzled state thanks to Acquiescence, but they could do little more than congratulate each other in a befuddled fashion once they were done.

The halberdiers next to them could do little more than try to fend off the ogres and chimera tearing into their ranks, despite a nearby grey wizard casting the Withering, weakening the ogres and making them more susceptible to the blows of the soldiers.
For the emperor! (ie: quick, before they have more than 4 attacks each)
The large regiment of demigryph knights that had waited patiently for the order to engage decided that the approaching minotaurs needed to be dealt with, lowered their lances and charged. A captain on a pegasus flew in alongside, and between them they killed one minotaur, badly wounded another and hurt the gorebull at their head. Unfortunately this was not nearly enough in the light of the minotaurs’ response. Four demigryphs were hacked apart in a flurry of brutal blows, and the glorious charge of the cream of the Empire turned quickly into a rout. The minotaurs were slow to respond as they gorged themselves on the fallen, but the demigryph knights were long gone anyway, having fled through their own defensive lines and away from the battle. Half a dozen war machine crews panicked at the fuss and hid under their machines, unsure of what was happening. The captain took to the air on his pegasus and made a hasty retreat toward one of the hills at the back of the Empire lines. 
Ow! Where did all the demigryphs go?
Whilst the wave of panic boded poorly for the effectiveness of the Empire artillery in the near future, they had already been taking a toll on the Chaos lines. A storm of bullets, bolts, cannon balls and mortar shots landed on the western flank. The pair of giants that had been steadily advancing both fell, which panicked the hounds that had just returned to the field, and they turned and departed for good. Another chariot was smashed to splinters by a well-placed cannon shot, and a skullcrusher was felled by another. 
The Griffon goes in alone before nearly everything around him gets shot or panicked.
Through this storm of shooting flew an Empire griffon, dodging and weaving until it came crashing down onto one of the remaining chariots and smashed it to pieces. It then swept on into the skullcrushers, its rider shouting encouraging things about the emperor and Sigmar as he went rapidly to his almost certain doom.
"Nothing can stop me!" I admit I was surprised he could even break through the Nurgle chariot. Oh we of little faith in Sigmar...
And speaking of certain doom, that comet was still getting bigger and more ominous on the eastern flank...

Turn 3 Original Notes

Turn 3 Chaos

  • Ogres and walk-it-off chimaera charge pistoliers, s&s does nothing, chimaera makes it
  • furies charge death mages unit, makes it
  • khorne ogres charge swordsmen fighting daemon prince, can’t fail
  • gorbeast chariot charges same swordsmen, makes it
  • chariot charges helblaster needing a 9, rolls triple 4s
  • minotaurs run at demigryphs
  • rest of flank advances


  • BESTIGOR CHArge free company.
  • Capslock key sucs
  • Blood letter conga charge great swords
  • Khorne rauders and beast of nurgle are doing things. Like charging small knights in the centre. How painful.
  • Marauder horde fails to hit demigryphs, block beside them are in.


  • giant and flamey guys charge petite great sword unit.
  • trolls beyond number charge the flank.
  • Giant charges into ogre bulls. who have a bruiser with gw.
  • General shuffling follows.
  • Rhys does confusing things with a horde of warriors. REALLY confusing things.
  • Rhys realises that he should not have listened to Leopold.
  • rhys’ army revolves slowly around itself.
  • cousins is called on to swift reform stuff.
  • pete seethes with generic angst.

Power: 31 (channels: 1)
Dispel: 19 (channels: 1 + luminarch)

  • bubbled phantasmagoria dispelled
  • acquiescence on venator knights, goes off


  • 6d6 final trans says dave. except he means gateway, he gesticulates at the empire. 24! 4 hits. 4 wounds. 2 dead, lame.
  • final trans on 27 on many knights. stopped.


  • ze comet… 
  • spirit leech stank? no, purple sun. goes off on 20 from itty mage. stank hit. does any man among you have the template?
  • it goes six inches. classy. does nothing.
  • leopold groans and gnashes his teeth at the incompetence of the chaos generals to use magic.
  • trans of lead she fails.


  • hell cannons try for double panic on greatswords and halberdiers, miss both times


  • fish cannon. misfire - this turn, next turn.


  • shooting at flagellantes - hell cannon goes boom. badly.
  • second cannon vs stank, much to leopolds disgust. Rhys hits his giant and an ogre. who takes a wound.


  • chimaera removes pistoliers, ogres and chimaera overrun into spearmen
  • gorbeast chariot and ogres help daemon prince thrash swordsmen, enough left for steadfast, hold
  • furies don’t hurt mage, lose by tons, double 1 and mostly come back


  • Dave’s happy that it is the hitting things phase.
  • Dice are fingered meaningfully. 11 kislevite foot men die. Bestigors reform, having hit the kislevy men hard enough to leave nothing but a stain.
  • Khornerauders, beasts of nurgle etc. vs. some knights. Marauders do five wounds. Saved. Beasts do four wounds. All saved. The knights do not flee.
  • Nurgerauders vs. spearmen(?) 4 wounds. 2 saves. 2 imperials bite the dust. 16 attacks unleashed. Nothing much happens.
  • Warrior priest wounds a minotaur. Minotaurs take 12 wounds. Minotaurs deal 3 wounds. 4 more wounds. 6 more. 
  • big messy combat with greatswords: Greatswords lose 5 and held, swordsmen lost 3 and broke. panic on demigryphs, who are fine.


  • The giant yelled and bawled, and took a wound.
  • Giant fighting ogres. He fell over. This killed it.
  • Trolls killed leadbelchers. 5 wounds. Broke, no catch.
  • last flags sacrificed selves, DP ran into Valten.
  • Forsaken killing blow warrior priest

Turn 3 Empire

  • griffon charges bright blue ‘nurgle’ chariot, makes it
  • demigryphs charges minotaurs, make it
  • peg rider flanks gorbest chariot, makes it
  • luminarch charges khorne ogres, can’t fail
  • reiksguard knights charge same gorebeast chariot, make it
  • griffon charges minotaurs, fails


  • dave’s dice aren’t weighted. they’re performance enhanced.
  • stank charges bloodletters


  • stank steamgun no working.
  • undead mens start massing.
  • mournfangs charge flank of flaming warriors. flagellants flank trolls. 
  • greg removes vlad”s boat. 
  • bulls charge chimera.
  • other flagescharge dp - but cannot! gah!
  • hexwraiths charge giant.
  • zombies? in flank of chosen or forsaken slaaneshis
  • grave guard in chosen. with vlad.
  • wraiths and grave guard into big slaanesh unit.8

Power: 27 (channels: 2 + hurricanum)
Dispel: 16 (channels: 0)

  • doom and darkness cast on general’s unit, dispelled
  • miasma attempts to drop minotaur’s WS, dispelled
  • irresistible withering drops toughness of ogres to 1, kills 1 knight with 7 miscast, loses 4 power dice



  • comet…?  still not here.
  • Say what you want about fascism, at least Mussolini made the comets run on time.
  • vlas casts purple sun down the flank of giant troll unit, allowed, misfires, kills 7 grave guard, gets no power dice
  • vlad invokes. 4 graveguard come back.


  • steam tanks do 2 wounds to giant, fail to hurt skullcrushers
  • cannon kills chariot that was fleeing
  • cannon does 3 wounds to chariot in front of hellcannons
  • cannon does 1 wound to chariot next to it
  • handgunners and crossbows kill chariot next to one being eaten by griffon
  • cannon hits giant, kills him, panics dogs off the table. giant falls on skullcrushers but does no damage
  • cannon and handgunners wound other giant a bit, helblaster kills it
  • helblaster scrape duco on gorbeast chariots
  • cannon kills a skullcrusher 


  • nope.


  • helblaster: nothing worth it.
  • skirmishin archer mens - nope.


  • furies maul death mage for 2 wounds, no other wounds. swordsmen and warrior priest kill 4, 7 more crumble leaving one
  • peg hero does one woudn to gorbull (from the peg), takes one wound in return. demigryphs do 5 wounds. minotaurs kill 4 demis, both units break. peg rider ends up in front of hill. demis go through a million war machines and run off the table. 6 warmachines fail panic, all missile troops ignore it.
  • glorious bird beats chariot 3-1, breaks and runs it down, pursues into skullcrushers who he can totally take. bird took 1 wound
  • halberdiers kill two T1 ogres, walk-it-off chimaera and ogres fight back and kill a lot, steadfast and don’t break.
  • giant knight bus erases dogs, stays where it is
  • knights, luminarch and peg rider sort of rescue swordsmen, though most swordsmen die. luminarch runs down ogres, daemon prince ignores things.


  • yep.
  • demigryphs kill  many warriors, gs’s hit ungor, who fless and caughts. warriors also flee, caught. demis pursue ingto more warriors.forsaken eaten.
  • bloodetters reform againststank. no they do not. they do not fit.
  • warrior[priest challengrsx minotaur. he=dead. doombull kills 7. he takes 2 wounds. 3 wounds on  minotaurs. knights refuse to bugger off.
  • demigryphs vs flesh hounds. 4 hounds die. do one wound back. 2 left post popping.
  • that big combat with the beasts of nurgle… nurgrauders hit sparmn; 4 spears, one marauder die. many knights hit beasts. a beast dies! a khornerauder dies. horses incompetant. beasts hit things. 36 attacks? rieksguarrd peppered. 1 killed. khornerauders kill a knight. bounce off teutogen guard. khornerauders flee,escape, beasts pop 1, 


  • trolls broken, rundown by flags, over run intp halbards
  • forsaken broken caught by ghouls
  • wraiths gg warriors of slaanesh draw
  • chosen of tzzeentch lose but hold.
  • chimera and bulls hit one another without achieving a whole lot.
  • valten tanks out, is challenged, takes a wound. kills the naughty enemy. 
  • stank impact hits disco fever to death.
  • mournfangs etc. greatswords fear giant. forsaken killing blow. 1 wound on gs. giant does not fall, but jumps. kills gses. mournful fangs kill three flaming forsaken. undead do nothing to giant. stomp does nothing. combat drawn. everything reforms.
WTF? Stupid weighted Dwellers Dice!


  1. This is amazing.

    If one were to buy all those models, you'd probably account for GW's entire profit in the last quarter.

    1. I'm sure that's a said indictment on either us or them... Someone somewhere should be sad about it.

  2. I hope we will be seeing more of the disco dancing night fever spawn. Could it be that John Travolta sold his soul to Slaanesh to become such the dancer?

  3. Does my heart good to see minotaurs killing the hell out of things again, been too long since I last saw them ravage the tabletop. They actually seem to be the real standout combat units of Team Chaos thus far!

    1. The minotaurs and the invincible chimera were definitely the star performers for Chaos. Turns out minotaurs are a terrifying thing when you can afford to field them in real numbers.

  4. No one, Forsaken or not, deserves 80 ghouls to the flank. This has been your most epic report yet and, long though it may be, it is well worth the read.

    1. It is certainly taking long enough to write. I guess it's good that it takes a while to read, then. You can all suffer with me!