Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Imperial Progress VI

My slow progress on my Empire army continues. Well, I guess the fact that the progress is continuing is the important thing, even if the speed is slightly depressing.

As predicted, I managed to complete the Halberdiers I was painting whilst still on holiday. That was about the sum total of my achievement, but it's still progress. The unit is very nearly ready to be used, however I am slightly undecided about command models. I got a command group along with these guys from EBay, however the standard bearer and champion are old Reiksguard infantry, and none of them really match my Halberdiers in all their Attack of the Clones glory. I am considering converting some random models heavily and making a command group that matches these guys instead.

Next up was going to be 30 Greatswords, however that was when I was considering a specific army build for Book of Grudges, and I've now gone a bit cold on the idea. This is how far they got...
And last night I decided to start assembling some Swordsmen. Not because I have any plans to use them in the near future, but rather because my incessant plotting and planning in terms of this army gets a bit confused when I have so many unassembled models that are yet to be committed to be a particular project. I am dead-set certain that I want a unit of Swordsmen, specifically 6th ed ones, so they can be the living image of Pete's Skeletons, as I have discussed in the past.
Despite wanting this unit to match Pete's stuff, I still intend to make up 3 Ogres for this unit (as I do for pretty much every unit), which will pad them out to 40 models. 40 seems to be my default target for each regiment. In case you've forgotten, these are the Skeletons I am trying to match off against.
This army seems to be evolving somewhat uncontrollably, what with the white furred units hijacking my initial plans of a living counterpart to Pete's undead, and now my Ogre unit filler ambitions taking on a life of their own. Assembling the Swordsmen is a step to making sure I don't completely lose where I was heading initially.

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