Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Taking a break

So, where have I disappeared to? No posts for a week? As disgraceful as it all sounds, I've taken a week off work to spend a week away with my family. This dreadful lack of commitment has extended to my blog, as you've probably noticed.

I have not been completely idle, however. I did bring a number of models away with me, with the intention of being good and making further progress on my Empire army for Book of Grudges. In the grand tradition of such things however, I have found my efforts fail to live up to my ambitions. I brought away 14 Halberdiers and 30 Greatswords with me. We came down Saturday afternoon, it is now Wednesday evening (we head home on Friday), and this is the progress I have made thus far...
White, purple and armour are done. Flesh, boots and halberd poles remain.
Obviously I have been doing other things with my time down here, but I doubt anyone would be overly dazzled by my progress. I am hoping I will still get the Halberdiers done and at least undercoat the Greatswords, but I could probably have done better.

I'll throw up another post soon, but I thought I would take this time to remind all those other slow painters out there: you are not alone.

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