Thursday, 14 July 2011

Poll: Battle Reports

OK, as I alluded to at the bottom of my previous post, I have added a poll on the top right of the page, asking people what sort of battle reports they want to read. This has come about because I figure there is not much point putting together an elaborate report when readers would really prefer it was approached in a different way.

I understand that the same style will not suit everyone, but if there is a clear majority then this will make it easier for me to give you what you want.

If you have any particular suggestions or feedback, you can always just respond to this post with comments. For instance, if your vote is dependent upon particular conditions (such as you only want a players' perspective report when the players are worth listening to), you can let me know here.

The poll closes in a week, by which time we should already have played another report game - so I will be able to get on with delivering it in a way that people want to see it...

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