Monday, 4 July 2011

Imperial Progress V

Sooo, just in case you thought I never really paint anything (I know it feels that way to me sometimes), here is what I have been up to most recently.

First up we have the Helstorm Rocket Battery, which I painted last night. I admit that I really can't be bothered putting too much effort into painting my war machines. I have gone for a very basic approach of drybrushing the whole thing Boltgun Metal, then painting the wood Scorched Brown highlighted with Bestial Brown. The whole thing then gets a coat of Devlan Mud. Obviously there was slightly more to be done on the Helstorm given its fancy rockets and stuff, but the general principle of "get it done" still applied.
The brazier stumped me a little. I painted the joins between the rocks white so that when I went back over them with red, they would stand out like a glow. Then I painted the rocks black, but it hadn't really worked. I threw a yellow wash over the lot and it seems to have improved things. Good enough, anyway.

On painting night on Friday I got around to finishing my latest unit filler - the one whose foam I defiled with a can of cheap spray paint, as seen previously.
I tried to make his outrageous feather into a peacock feather, however the coarse texture of the plastic feather made replicating the effect rather difficult. I settled for "good enough", once again. This guy could see a lot of use in my army, given he has no particular ties to a specific unit.

And finally we have a few models that were painted up hurriedly as my preparation for the Battle of the Eerie Hills battle report. I needed to bump up my painted stocks in order to reach the ambitious level of 4000pts, and these were the guys who got the gig. 
From left to right: Dwarf Wizard, Master Engineer and General of the Empire

The General of the Empire rode to battle on a Griffon I already had painted for my High Elves, and turned out to be quite the inclusion in my army. 
The Dwarf Wizard was likewise a great performer, despite turning up as a lowly Level 1 Gold Battle Wizard. He was actually painted on the morning of the game - I started painting him when Ben called to say he was going to be late. 45 minutes later, et voila! He still needs some finishing touches, but he's largely done. 
The Master Engineer did not go so well in the game. Or at least, the artillery under his care did not. This guy is not actually an Engineer model - he's just an old artillery crewman. However, I couldn't find my actual Engineer on the night before the game in order to paint him (turns out he was hanging with my unpainted Greatswords. He was discovered later). So this guy copped some paint in his place.
Last night I also based the remaining 2 crewmen who belong with the "Master Engineer" ring-in above, as well as about 15 of the old single-pose plastic Halberdiers. Nowadays I paint the bases first, largely because I drybrush the sand, which tends to mean their feet get painted too. It also feels like a quick way to make some visible commitment to painting the models. That doesn't guarantee they will get done, but it's a statement of intent. They are next.

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