Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A less blurry Empire

The last time I took a whole army photo of my Empire, I was still trying to figure out how the new camera worked. Whilst I do not claim to have come close to mastering it yet, I do seem to be improving. Whilst I was doing something of an inventory (I'll talk more about that in a later post) I thought I would take the opportunity to have another attempt at some decent army shots.

Given how much these images really need to be blown up to be seen properly, I am putting them up at "original size". Apologies for what this will doubtless do to your beautiful browser window...

My entire Empire army as it currently stands.
My Ulric contingent
The Stirlanders
The regular State Troop contingent
The Knights Snow Leopard and their friends, the Leopard Company
The "generic" Knight contingent
My Kislevites. Technically the Horse Archers are not done yet, hence their rather tanned flesh and lack of detailing.
The Engineers' Guild's contribution
A few members of the Colleges of Magic
And the ones who got left behind...
The next update will be about the Tale of Duelling Gamers, but I'll be back to talk about my "inventory" madness at some point soon.


  1. that is a lot of knights, great work

  2. That's fantastic! How much more do you need to paint before we get to see the Battle at the Gates of Kislev? :D

    1. Good question. At this point it's a balancing act between trying to make sure it's a lot of stuff, and ensuring the game actually happens in our lifetime...

  3. That is a lot of knights! Very much like the fact that you have forces from different provinces of the Empire.

  4. Thanks everyone. And yes, it's a lot of knights. On the bright side, most of my remaining unpainted Empire stuff is NOT more knights!

  5. Excellent work, you own a very very impressive army!