Monday, 14 April 2014

Duelling Gamers Progress

It seems to be a pretty universal theme for this Tale of Duelling Gamers that progress for the first month has been slow. Nobody shot out of the blocks, and most of us have not offered a lot of updates. Here is a bit of a list of how people are going:

Owen (Terrain for Hippos) has just about completed 8 converted marauders
Nick (Den of the Eternal Youth) has posted some WIP marauder horsemen
Rupert (Not about to grow up) has displayed some (still mostly white) Dwarfs
Nick (Carrot and Stick) has a regiment of undercoated Eternal Guard
Chris (Moruya Marauders) has announced his intention to paint Grave Guard
Pete (The Breathless Host) has decided how to paint his Dryads
Justin (Holiday Hobbyist) has been assembling Orks

All in all, for so many hobbyists, it's really not a lot of progress.

Well, I do at least have a few painted models to show. I made my usual mistake of starting to paint most of my monthly quota at once, before realising what I was doing and pausing most of them in order to complete a few of them. So behold, I have a few painted slayers!
4 completed multi-coloured Slayers. The orange one is a normal Troll Slayer (they will all be orange). The rest of them will probably see some use as characters.
I seem to recall that this guy is meant to be a Daemon Slayer. Realistically he might see use as anything from a Giant Slayer up.
From the side. The guy sure carries a lot of bling for someone who is meant to have renounced everything and headed off to seek his doom. Maybe he's taking the Pharaoh approach of taking his riches with him into the afterlife.
Relatively plain from the back. He's on a resin base, largely to give him a little more height
I think this guy was meant to be a Dragon Slayer. Another guy who brings all his jewellery with him.
This guy also stands on a resin base to help him stand out from the crowd. As if his hair won't do that already.
This guy is man enough to dress in pink. I also see I managed to paint his axe brown. Stupid photos showing how rough my paint jobs are...
I figure this guy will most likely be a Giant Slayer when he takes the field.
The one token regular Troll Slayer
The other works in progress for the month. Plenty of orange Troll Slayers and some other models behind them.
The last shot shows the remaining models I'm meant to be painting in April. Still achievable, although it's starting to look like a tougher target than it did when I began. I got delayed trying to find a highlight colour for the orange hair, as my old Fiery Orange was no longer functional. In the end I just mixed up a pot of my own, using Blazing Orange, Golden Yellow and Sunburst Yellow. Ah, all these extinct colours...

Hopefully it won't be too long before I have more than 4 painted models to show for my efforts.


  1. Huzzah! Purple and blue slayers! At last my Khazalid Temperance Society can renounce their title as most colourful slayer unit at HCG!

  2. Great models as always. Such fine work you produce!

  3. Hmmm lilac again, what happened to plain ordinary purple hair, like real slayers have. Great painting leaves mine for dead well done.