Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A more substantial Dwarf Ironbreaker regiment

Given that I got my painting target for April done several days early and having built up some momentum, I figured I should try to get some extra models done before the new month (and with it, a new target) began. I considered a number of things, but ended up settling for something I decided would be a "quick win" - Ironbreakers.

The reason I figured they would be quick was that my Ironbreakers are all ancient Marauder-era models. And they wear a lot of armour. Like, a lot of armour. They're pretty much entirely chain and platemail, and the odd bit of beard and face. It was like painting knights again, only this time without the annoying horses to slow me down...

I had 16 models left in my unpainted pile, and decided to do the lot of them in a single batch. Normally this would have been a mistake, but given how simple they are, this time it worked. A few days later, here they are!
16 Dwarf Ironbreakers, painted in the same style as my existing unit of 22. Because ultimately, unless I paint another command group, these guys are just bulking that regiment out to a decent number.
There's plenty of duplication of models in these photos, because I was only working with about half a dozen different sculpts. Happily some of them were ones I didn't already have in the unit, so it works out pretty well. The guy with the gloves is notable as the only one not wearing gauntlets. An excuse for a little more colour.
The same guys, from the back. Not the lack of extra details to paint. I think 3 of them had a little satchel. I love these old models...
It occurred to me that all of these old Ironbreakers have visors, but for some reason only one model (the guy with the gloves in the previous group) has his closed. I wonder what they would look like with their visors down, in full-on Grump Mode.
Some of the models got resin bases (the guys on either side, in this case). This was generally because the model was missing his tag, although I took the opportunity to prop a few of them up a bit rather than have them leaning forward ridiculously like some of the others.
The final group of 4.
And here is the complete regiment of 38 Ironbreakers. Now a substantial lump of metal.
They might need a unit filler. Haven't worked it out yet.
Anyway, as of tomorrow we're into a new month, so I'll be back to working to a target again. All in the name of progress!

Oh, and sometime in the last few days the blog turned 3 years old. Yay! More milestones ticking over. Have a birthday owl to celebrate.


  1. You paint the models marvelous, I love seeing these army updates :)

    On another note, do you have any thoughts on the new Wood Elf Army book?

    1. Cheers. :)

      In terms of the Wood Elves, I haven't been paying too much attention to the sudden wave of rumours and leaks that have arrived in the last week or two. I figure I will wait until I get my hands on the book (most likely on Saturday) and make my assessment then. Some of the new figures look pretty good, although the new Treemen in no way match the aesthetic of my current Wood Elf army...

  2. Huzzah! At last a vast horde of beplumed pimp Iron Breakers!

  3. Love the old minis, marauder were mainly sculpted by Ali Morrison????? Got to love lots of armour, black and metal dry brush for me and jobs a goog'un.

    1. Ali and Trish Morrison, yeah. Their Dwarfs have always been some of the best. As opposed to the Elves of the same era, who I am not half so keen on.

  4. That is one killer unit. I myself have a unit of 24 of these Iron Breakers and have been meaning for some time to upgrade their numbers. Congrats on the jump start to your months painting challenge!

  5. Old school miniatures wonderfully painted love it...