Friday, 18 April 2014

Duelling Gamers Progress II

In recent days I've managed to find a bit more time for painting, and my progress is starting to improve. I'm still working on the Slayers, but I've got more of them to show this time. Lots of pictures, not a lot else...
8 more painted Troll Slayers, including a standard and musician.
These guys were painted as my second wave of models, but it didn't feel worth posting about 3 whole models so I held off.
These guys are the third wave. I finished painting them last night, at our weekly painting night.
The same guys, from the back. I seem to have defaulted to blue pants for most of these guys, as it contrasts pretty well with the orange hair and all that skin. Of course, not all of them are actually wearing pants...
Finally I have a painted standard for the unit. I think it really needs a banner, but it is a low priority for now. Besides, then I'd have to decide what to paint on it.
The same guy from the rear.
And a musician. Such luxury!
I thought I would try a simple version of the blue and white striped pants that many GW Slayers seem to wear. Pretty happy with them, but not so much that I want to do it on all the models. That would be effort...
I only painted one of his eyes because I couldn't work out where to put the brush with that enormous horn in the way.
This guy is old school. I think he might be from the original range of Troll Slayers, way back in the day.
Fancy wearing something approximating clothes. Weakling.
He got craaaazy eyes...
Then we're into the most recent ones I've painted. This is one of the more annoying recent models with too much bling.
From behind. He scored a resin base - might have been broken off his slot.
One of the dullest Slayer models out there. He looks so... normal. Ew.
He does like his furs, though.
Here is a real Slayer, with his beard hanging down to his knees. Good thing too, given that it's the only thing making him decent.
Boots? No. Shirt? No way! Real Slayers don't even need pants.
Another slightly more recent guy. His axe is a little strange, but I don't think I've failed to remove a tag or something.
Same guy from behind. A few of the guys having gems is a good thing, as it adds a little more colour to the unit. Although a few ridiculously coloured Slayer characters will do that pretty well too...
Last up is this guy. I have a recollection that he came in a pack of 2 guys flagged as Giant Slayers, but he's missed the cut in that regard.
He is doing the whole "Mickey Mouse ears" thing with his axes.
It's entirely possible that my next update will see me finishing my monthly quota now, since it's only 7 more models. The benefits of a deliberately modest target.


  1. At last some action from my old nemesis.
    Obviously you should paint 'Did you spill my pint?" in Klinkarhun on the banner.

  2. Great slayers. I do like them in the new book as well.