The Battle of Heffengen

What you will find here is a Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition full-blown narrative battle report covering the Battle of Heffengen, as described in the End Times: Nagash book. It's about 40,000 points per side.

Scenario Rules
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

There will be 6 parts in total - this is a WIP.

An enormous battle - 80,000pts and 3,500 models in total.
There are many people to thank with this one. Firstly, the players:

  • Empire East - Aaron Graham
  • Empire Centre - Nick Dimovski
  • Empire West - Sam Morgan
  • Vlad's Undead - James Brett
  • Chaos East - Rhys McGlinn
  • Chaos Centre - Dave Duriesmith
  • Chaos West - Nick Cook
  • Blood Dragons - Chris Cousens
The scribes/VP calculators/river builders:
  • Peter Spiller
  • Owen Top
My fellow photographer:
  • Harley Williams
And the people who just generally helped out, including providing us with a venue and lunch:
  • Tim Stewart
  • Ben Leopold
Others assisted in various ways including sourcing some of the models, particularly Shirts Off Ben Wadsworth, who was set to be one of the players until life intervened. Thanks to you all.

Finally, there were far more photos taken of this game than I could really use in the report. So below is a link to the full album of 900+ images...


  1. An epic saga that does the Ancestors proud. It's a dead impressive feat both organising and documenting such a huge game and all involved should be congratulated.