Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Retro hammertime!

Well it has been a tragically long time since my previous post, and I've only just finally managed to finish painting the Anvil of Doom. I did eventually finish the campaign in Total War, and from that point I spent basically every evening working on this thing. It took longer than it should have, but that's really down to the banners and a couple of points where I hamstrung by indecision about how to approach things (notably the colours on the anvil itself).

One Herohammer-era Runelord on his Anvil of Doom, back when they had wheels. They didn't tend to get bases back then though, so you know this guy is special.

Monday, 7 March 2022

Super slow grow and another battle

 I'm making progress on my painting, I promise!

Honestly I have sat down several times to try to make progress on my target for this month (just the old Anvil of Doom), but I made the potentially fatal mistake of starting with the banners. It hasn't killed me yet, but it's still on the cards...

Importantly, I made them as difficult for myself as possible. I made them out of slightly curled plasticard, attached to the brass banner poles using some plastic tubing and plastic cement. So they're constructed OK, but they're a far cry from trying to paint a piece of paper. And then I was dumb enough to decide that I wanted to do a design based on what was in the 4th edition army book...

No, it's not the same. No, it's not even really close. Yes, it causes me pain.