The Battle of Hel Fenn

There are battle reports, and then there are epic battle reports. The sort you keep coming back to, because they slightly boggle the mind in terms of scale and effort. Well, this is one of the latter. 20,000 points per side, all painted. It is a recreation of the Battle of Hel Fenn, where Mannfred Von Carstein was finally cornered by an alliance of men of the Empire and Dwarfs, led by Count Martin of Stirland.
This game was played by 6 players, and went for the full 6 turns. Due to the massive scale of the game and the number of pictures involved, it is broken up on a turn-by-turn basis. Enjoy.

Planning Hel Fenn
Turn 1
Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 5
Turn 6
Lessons from Hel Fenn

There is also a more complete gallery of images, as even though I used a lot in the report, there were others I didn't use (and still more that got binned as being unusable). You can see the slideshow below, or click on it to head to the Picasa album and look through them at your leisure.

And finally, there is a 4 minute video of the setup process, which took 4 hours to get through (it's at 60x the real speed).

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