Saturday 27 November 2021

More slow grow Dwarfs

Time ticks by, and the slow grow continues. We're now a bit over 2 weeks from the end of the first nominated 2 month period, and I feel like I have things relatively under control. I have already posted my unit of 10 Hammerers, but I can now add to that a unit of Thunderers, and a Thane.

I say a Thane, but I really mean Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King of Karak Kadrin. Except that he can't be that at the moment, because that would be ridiculous in a 500 point mini-army. So instead he's just a Thane for now, running around in his dragon pyjamas...

Ungrim Ironfist in all his retro-inspired glory. I based the paint scheme on the old original GW studio paint job for this guy from back in 4th edition. Mine has a more modern plastic back banner on a brass rod instead of a paper one like their had, and he's standing on a little green stuff rock that I must have made years ago. When I came back to this guy recently, he had already been assembled and undercoated for a long time.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Hammer time!

With the Landship out of the way, I was finally able to make a start on my slow grow Dwarf commitment. I've posted previously what my plans are for the first 2 month period up until mid-December, and it's relatively ambitious in terms of number of models. I figured it would be OK, given they're Dwarfs and not the slowest thing to paint, but as usual I found that I made slower progress than I had hoped with the first unit, and now I'm concerned I might end up having to scramble to get things done in time.

For my first unit, I went for the Hammerers. My existing unit is only 20 models strong, and knowing that I had a few more up my sleeve that could be bolstering this number had annoyed me for a long time. Well, that is over. I have no more spare Marauder-era Hammerers lurking in my cases.

10 Hammerers, ready to bolster my existing regiment's ranks. Old Marauder models, but with more modern shields (with the hands that were moulded onto the shields carved off).