Sunday 26 March 2023

On the path to Uprising

This coming weekend, I am heading to Ballarat for a one-day 6th edition tournament called Uprising. Seems like about 40 players will be attending, which is a good number and about all they could fit anyway. I toyed with the idea of taking High Elves and using it as motivation to try to get some more silver helms painted, but in the end I decided to take Cult of Slaanesh instead.

Cult of Slaanesh is a variant Dark Elf list from the Storm of Chaos campaign book, and uses certain Dark Elves blended with a selection of Mortal Chaos and Daemon choices (all with a Slaaneshi flavour). It was a pretty exciting list when it first appeared, and I think a lot of us considered trying to make an army without actually managing to make it happen. Well, this is my moment. I had just enough painted Dark Elves and Daemons lying around to make a viable list - I just need a couple of extra characters. I've already painted up a Druchii Anointed, and have started work on the Sorceress to lead my army.

My Druchii Anointed, who is basically an angry sorcerous Daemon Elf with the offensive stats of a Chaos Lord.

Tuesday 14 March 2023

Updated Dwarf Army Photo

It's not that long ago (well, a couple of years, but in my terms that feels recent) since I took an updated photo of my painted Dwarf army. Since then, the army grew substantially as a result of our slow grow league and my "updated" army photo now feels... not at all up to date. I'm probably done with painting Dwarfs for now, so I figured I should get another updated group photo before I move on to other things.

Again, due to the limitations of Blogger I've got the photo here at "extra large" size, and then I've included it at "original" size in order to upset your browser window...

Tuesday 7 March 2023

More Gyrocopters

 <Ride of the Valkyries intensifies>

It's been a while since my last post, but I've finally pushed the Gyrocopters off the painting table. Technically I didn't quite achieve what I set out to, as I had 4 of them there in the batch and only completed 3. The other has only had the metals painted, but I felt like these were really starting to get in the way of making progress elsewhere, and given I now have 5 painted Gyrocopters, there was not a lot of urgency with the last one. So I caved and moved him out of the way so that I can move onto something more relevant.

3 more Gyrocopters, all of them on thick resin bases for a bit of stability and brass rods of different heights for a bit of variety