Albion Campaign

This page is for the Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition narrative campaign we are running at the club. It is inspired by the material produced for GW's Dark Shadows campaign way back in 2001, but I'm making up the details as we go along.

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Story and Battle Reports
The Shadows Return: Setting the scene a bit for the campaign
Introduction Part 1: Empire and Vampire Alliance
Introduction Part 2: Dark Elves and High Elves
Game 1: The Empire fight to gain a safe landing as they find Chaos forces waiting
Game 2: The Vampire seeks to assist her Empire allies by falling upon the enemy rear
Game 3: The Lizardmen march to intercept the Dark Elf advance
Game 4: High Elves and Dark Elves clash on the march
Game 5: The Undead seek to "recruit" the denizens of the Isle of Wights
Game 6: The Dark Elves bicker amongst themselves over who will lead the campaign.
Game 7: Survivors of the High Elf army stumble into the Nurgle Chaos force and are hopelessly outnumbered...
Game 8: The undead turn on the Empire in order to make use of their ships
The Blessing of Lord Scroltch: Fluff covering the daemonic ascension of the Nurgle Lord
Game 9: The Lizardmen ambush part of the Chaos army as it pushes north toward the Giants' Causeway
Game 10: The trailing part of the Chaos army has to fight its way across the Causeway.
Game 11: The main Empire army finally makes it onto the mainland and runs into the Dark Elves.
Game 12: The Undead make their way across the mainland and attack the regrouping Lizardmen

Special Characters

New Scenarios

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