Battle Reports

There was a time when the only things I really cared about in White Dwarf were the battle reports. Beautifully presented, often exciting reports where a story unfolded or a test of skill between two gamers was played out. These reports were an inspiration to me - they were how I wanted my games to look. A battle report was the driving force behind my starting to play Warhammer in the first place.

As the years wore on, White Dwarf's focus shifted, less attention was lavished on the battle reports and I found myself losing interest. They are not what they once were. This has saddened me enough that I have decided to do what I can to fill the gap.

Over time, I hope to record plenty of high-quality battle reports on this blog. The reports will feature only painted armies, be presented as well as we can manage with photos and maps using Battle Chronicler, and will generally involve highly capable players.

When battle reports going wrong...
Battle of Breakneck Pass
A Clash of Chaos
The Battle of the Bacon
Stemming the Tide

Legendary Battles
Massive battles with some of the largest armies you will ever see.
These reports go above and beyond, with enormous armies pitted against each other and multiple players on either side. These are the games that legends are made of. Each one has its own page to help with navigation.

The Battle of Hel Fenn
20,000 points per side, with Mannfred Von Carstein's Vampire Counts against Count Martin of Stirland's Empire and Dwarf alliance.

The Battle of Finuval Plain
25,000 points per side, with the Witch King's Dark Elf and Chaos invasion against the Everqueen's High Elves.

The Battle of Heffengen
Approx. 40,000 points per side, as an Empire coalition under Karl Franz seeks to stem a Chaos invasion, and the Undead get involved.

Tournament Reports

If you want more reports and don't mind a blow-by-blow summary rather the full narrative presentation, have a look at the Tournament Reports Page.

I put a poll up some time ago, asking what sort of reports the readers want to see. The overwhelming response was for a narrative-based report, potentially with some detail from the players. This will be my goal going forward. If there is something you especially want to see, let me know.