Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Another wave of reinforcements

My Orcs and Goblins are getting a lot of love at the moment. Actually it's mainly the goblins, but that's OK. They needed more work to begin with. Recently I posted about my incredible good fortune in having a pile of very presentable greenskins practically land in my lap, and now we have this stuff. Actually, this stuff was ordered before the second-hand stuff had entered the picture. So I bought this before that, but there was travel time in involved, so... the arrival of this stuff is the latest development.

I present to you the first models I have ever bought with Age of Sigmar on the packaging...

3 boxes of Squig Herds, 2 of Squig Hoppers, 2 of "Troggoths" (trolls), a big fat Troll to use as a themed giant, and something called Mollog's Mob.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Twirling, twirling, twirling...

A brief post just to show that I am back making progress again in terms of painting. I am starting to make progress addressing some of the glaring weaknesses in my Greenskin horde. Actually, the whole equation has been thrown off a bit by last weekend's purchase - I have a whole lot more Greenskins in a pretty much state where they are ready to go. Sheer numbers are not really a problem now. 

Anyway, I started work on these guys before the recent influx of models. For a very long time I only had 6 painted Night Goblin Fanatics. This was not really in balance with the number most Goblin players would have been inclined to field, and felt like it really needed to be scaled up. I knew I had a bag full of them somewhere, and now I have finally got around to pulling them out and starting work on them.

14 Night Goblin Fanatics, in classic muted colours. OK, not really. Way back when I painted my other ones, I went for 2 each in red, yellow and orange. I quite like how they stand out against the normal black of the Night Goblins, so I figured I would stick with it. It was suggested I could kind of complete the rainbow for them, and that appealed.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Unexpected Reinforcements

It's been a long time since I acquired a significant second-hand bundle of models, and I wouldn't normally jump on the blog and talk about it. However, this is a bit of a special occasion. A gentleman turned up at the club, wanting to offload his Warhammer models that he no longer had any use for. He talked a little about the sort of stuff he had, but I wasn't really prepared for what would be there once it was all laid out.

This is an Orc and Goblin army that was clearly a labour of love over an extended period. There are models in here from 3rd edition all the way through 8th. There are a few different basing styles, which may reflect refinements over time, or maybe some of the models had more than one owner. The vast majority of the models are Citadel and Marauder in origin, however a few others have slipped on, most notably an entire regiment of unfortunate-looking Orc archers.

Anyway, I haven't done a great job of lighting this stuff for photos, but hopefully these are enough to give a fair impression of what I have acquired...

Many thousands of points of Orcs and Goblins.