Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Hammer time!

With the Landship out of the way, I was finally able to make a start on my slow grow Dwarf commitment. I've posted previously what my plans are for the first 2 month period up until mid-December, and it's relatively ambitious in terms of number of models. I figured it would be OK, given they're Dwarfs and not the slowest thing to paint, but as usual I found that I made slower progress than I had hoped with the first unit, and now I'm concerned I might end up having to scramble to get things done in time.

For my first unit, I went for the Hammerers. My existing unit is only 20 models strong, and knowing that I had a few more up my sleeve that could be bolstering this number had annoyed me for a long time. Well, that is over. I have no more spare Marauder-era Hammerers lurking in my cases.

10 Hammerers, ready to bolster my existing regiment's ranks. Old Marauder models, but with more modern shields (with the hands that were moulded onto the shields carved off).
The second rank, who look much like the first rank, only rearranged and with swapped colours.
I'm having issues with the white balance on my phone camera at present. This is closer to what they look like in person, without being washed out in the lightbox.

For nearly all these models, I had 2 of each identical guy. There is a bit more variety in the 20 I already had painted (or rather, they have lots of duplicates but they're different from these ones). Anyway, with lots of double-ups it made sense to flip the colour schemes on them so they would look less... clone-ish.

This guy looks quite fancy with his gem and birdy hat.
I also generally changed the direction on their bases, so they would look a little more different when they're all ranked up. Variety is good.
These guys are so compact. They're fantastic or ranking up when other models are a little more expansive in their poses.
You can see a bit if roughness in the highlighting on the shields. The perils of painting things to look OK on the table, then taking photos up close and blowing them up to larger than life proportions...
Again, flip the colours and put one diagonally on his base.
I did a great job with these two. They look nothing alike. OK, so maybe not all the models were clones. In fact, the guy on the left is a ring-in to get the group up to 10. He's not meant to be a Hammerer. But this is the peril of waving a hammer around - you're in danger of being promoted.

Next up will be some Thunderers (another thing I'm a bit short on), but then I might need to paint a hero, just to make me feel a bit better in terms of the number of points I've painted. Then I can lie to myself that I'm still on track. Self-deception is very important.

Til then!

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