Thursday, 28 October 2021

We're on a boat!

It has been about 10 days since my last update, and I'm afraid that I have not yet made any progress on the slow grow painting challenge. Poor Dwarfs. Their time will come. In the meantime however, I have managed to complete the Marienburg Landship! In many ways I felt like I had already broken the back of it in my last post (or maybe broken my own back), but it is undeniably more colourful now.

One Empire Landship, complete with a 18x10cm base that a friend made for me on an FDM printer. It probably could have been a little smaller, but this feels appropriate for the size of the model.
In my last post, the ship had no colour. All the shields were printed and painted separately, then attached at the end. They definitely add some brightness to the thing. It was very... wooden before.
I didn't really know what province colours to paint the thing, so I just gave up and used Marienburg colours. After all, it is a Marienburg class Landship, made on order for them in Nuln. So let's just assume they got what they paid for.
The model was provided without a figurehead, so I went and found one on Thingiverse, and scaled it appropriately. The official Forge World Landship had a figurehead, but it was perched right up the end of the pole, which seemed odd to me.
The crew were provided with the ship. I'm using 5 of them, although there is a 6th with telescope who didn't really make the cut. He wasn't going to fit up in the bird's nest, so I lost enthusiasm for him. I still printed him, of course. He's lying around in bits...
I do like the big wheels at the back. I had some real issues printing and assembling this model, even before I nearly killed myself painting wood grain. As a result, the model is not perfect. There are some pretty bodgy bits of modelling holding the thing together, but my willingness to re-print imperfect pieces is limited. It's a big model, and close enough to what it's meant to look like.
The crew are on their own bases, in case they end up being replaced by pirates or something... They're not painted particularly fancily - just well enough for their job of adding some detail to the ship.
I say the ship is finished, but the empty crow's nest bothers me. I have a couple of seated drunk models and considered perching one of them up on the railing. Otherwise I could always put a powder monkey up there. Feels like it needs something.

Anyway, this model was a major undertaking. I'm glad it's done, and I'm happy enough with how it turned out, even with its imperfections. Now I can get on with painting the Dwarfs I promised to paint!

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