Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Empire Army Gallery

My Year of the Empire is drawing to a close, and I recently became aware that I hadn't posted any pictures of anything like the complete army (as it currently stands). I figured it was time to drag all the models out of hiding and put them together for a family photo.

It's possible that I will do a bit more painting before the end of the year, but I'd say these photos are largely representative of my painting efforts in the Year of the Empire. There were some elements painted last year (notably the Crossbowmen, Handgunners, a small number of the Knights and most of the Teutogen Guard). However, most of this stuff was bare metal or plastic at the start of the year. All in all, I'm happy with my steady progress.

In total there is about 6,000 points of painted stuff in these pictures. It's nowhere near everything I intend to paint (my silly Kislev plans demand much more), but it's a solid start. As always, my pictures are limited by my modest photography skills and the use of a mobile phone camera, however I stole my wife's this time in the hope of some slightly better shots. Enjoy.
My painted Empire army arrayed.

The same thing, without the flash.
Halberdiers - the heart of most Empire armies. The horde of 50 here is not actually completely finished, but it was serviceable enough to take into the last tournament.
The Halberdiers again. The Ogre unit filler stands out a touch more in this shot.
43 Spearmen, using the models from Leopold's Leopard Company.
Anyone who has seen the musical Cats will find this side of their banner strangely familiar. This was actually unintentional, however I now feel silly for not having realised earlier.
My Kislev Kossars, who thus far have only done duty as small detachments.
The Knights of the White Wolf have been the heart of my armies all year, although never fielded quite in these numbers.

The Knights Snow Leopard are a relatively recent addition.
At present the unit is only 18 strong, however this will change soon.
Voland's Venators have found gainful employment in my Empire army, and have been reinforced with plastic models (and will be again).
My rather paltry missile troop contingent. I will have to bolster their numbers soon.
The artillery train is uninspiring at present, but contains more than enough for my normal games.
Pistoliers and Outriders add a little more firepower.
Canned filth: the Steam Tank has presented a lot of players with a serious headache.
29 Flagellants. Not the best photo, but they're only adequately painted anyway...
35 Teutogen Guard, who do service as Greatswords.
A different angle, giving a better view of the unit filler.
The wizard contingent as it currently stands.
The Doggy himself. Whether as a Templar Grand Master, or as an Arch Lector, this guy has been leading my army into battle all year.
He has a manly weapon to go with his manly steed.
We may have come to the end of the Year of the Empire, but that doesn't mean my work on this army will finish. It's a work in progress, and you can expect to see the pile continue to grow as I get closer to where I want things to be.


  1. Very nice indeed. Great to see the culmination of a whole year's work all together!

  2. Very very nice greg, a good comparisons would be John Zammits empire which was purple and yellow. can't find any pics alas.