Sunday, 16 August 2020

Empire Army Photo

Looking back through some of my old posts, I discovered it had been quite a long time since I took a whole army photo of my Empire army. Actually, it seems that quite a lot of my armies are in need of a new family photo - some of them are missing a lot of units.

I decided it was time to go through and try to take up-to-date photos of each of my armies. Then, like 2 months after I decided this, I actually got around to doing something about it... And discovered that it's really, really difficult taking a photo like this. There are too many models, and even playing with a lot of settings on multiple cameras, I just couldn't get a crisp shot of everything. Of course, this problem will be most pronounced with my biggest armies. I probably shouldn't have started with the Empire. Oh well. Live and learn. If I actually discover something magical that can improve this, I'll come back and try again.

Anyway, here is about the best I could manage with the tools I had on hand. It's about 20,000 points of stuff in 8th edition. I stuck a number of random Empire Ogres around the place too, because they were essentially made to match the army and they are useless in their own right if all their friends are off pulling duty as unit fillers (which was always their primary function).

The next one is a bit sharper, so I'll try sharing it at a larger, more blurry size

Here's a few slightly closer shots, just in case the detail improved dramatically a bit closer in. That's not really the point, though. I wanted the full army in one picture.

I was sick of taking photos from the front. I resorted to a flank attack.

And then finally, in an act of desperation, I tried panning across everything in video mode and putting it on Youtube. Ultimately everything can be found more clearly elsewhere on this blog, but given I had everything in one place, this gives a slightly better look than the big family photo.

Hopefully I can get through the other armies relatively efficiently, and maybe figure out how to sharpen things up a bit in future pictures.


  1. I've always loved what you've done with those ogres, getting them to fit in like that.

    1. Cheers. Nowadays there seem to be a few places you can actually buy appropriately dressed ogres. That would have been much simpler!