Monday, 20 May 2013

More Ogre Halberdiers Finished

Last night I was able to sit down and finish painting my second wave of Empire Ogre Halberdiers/unit fillers. As expected they came together reasonably quickly, thanks largely to the lack of detail I put on my models. The benefits of laziness, I guess. Anyway, here they are...
This guy sits in a slightly strange place on his resin base, but that was where his feet sat nicely. Shouldn't be a problem for ranking up.
From the right. The halberd head is actually a slightly cut-down version of the one used on my first 3 Ogre Halberdiers.
As I say, there is not a whole lot of detail on these guys. If they didn't have breastplates covering so much of their torsos and waists, I'd probably have been adding belts and maybe the odd pouch.
This guy has a slightly under-detailed face. For most of my Ogre heads I used green stuff, but I thought I would try Magic Sculp when I had some made up and left over. It didn't hold the detail as well (didn't squish it into the mould well enough, I guess), so I will stick to green stuff for heads in future. Managed to salvage it OK with a bit of paint.
This guy is probably closest to having a leader's pose of the models I've made - it's possible he would get the job of being unit champion when they're used as Ogre Ironguts.
Again, not a whole lot happening back here.
And my Orc-stomping guy is finally complete.
I decided to paint up the Orc to match my "Ninja" Black Orcs, as they're dressed the same way. Figured it would be less intrusive than a bright green Orc, too.
From the left.
And from the other side.
My 3 newest recruits, all ranked up.
And here is my Empire-themed Ogre Irongut unit, as it currently stands.
From above.
All these guys need is some command models and they will feel like a real unit.
The addition of these 3 guys means that technically I now have 6 Ogre-sized fillers for a single unit of Halberdiers, which seems like a lot. However, There are 46 proper models in the unit as well, so 24 guys' worth of filler is not terrible - it just means the unit blows out to 70 guys. 
A teeming horde of Halberdiers.
The only Ogre with any real trouble ranking up here is the one standing on the Orc, which I knew would be an issue due to the overhang on the base. Still, it really isn't a big problem.
To be honest, it was never my plan to have 6 fillers in a single unit. In the long run I'd hope to paint up a second unit of Halberdiers and let half of the Ogres move across into that regiment instead.

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