Thursday, 11 December 2014

Greatswords - first wave done

I'm starting to get some momentum up for painting a regiment of Greatswords. My last post was 5 days ago, and in that time I've managed to get the first 15 members of the unit finished. I started with a group of 5 including the command group, and was a bit worried when they took me a couple of days. But the next 10 took a similar amount of time, thanks to the lack of a banner and musician to worry about, I suspect.
15 Greatswords painted to a decent tabletop standard. If I can get a full regiment done to this level, I'll be pretty satisfied.
I haven't bothered to stick with a strict colour layout (with the same sleeve always red etc). The varying levels of armour on the models makes it a bit difficult if I want to ensure a reasonable amount of colour in the unit.
Still no details on the banner. I might have time to fix this before Heffengen. Probably not...
The old and the new. I'm finding the older metal and current plastic guys are mixing in together just fine.
Feeling like I'm increasing speed could be important, because December seems to be slipping away alarmingly quickly. Given I need to leave myself time to paint up Karl Franz's Griffon (and probably sundry other things), a regiment of 60 Greatswords might be a big ask in the allotted time...


  1. Looking good! And it's only 45 Greatswords now, with a Griffon as an incentive. Piece of cake!

    1. Not sure painting a huge monster is an incentive when you're on a tight time-frame. Still, I am making progress.