Monday, 6 March 2017

MOM Dwarf progress

So I've had these models on my painting table for a while. It turns out I painted the prototype way back in August last year. It has taken me this long to actually get around to painting the first wave of a regiment. 
11 painted MOM Miniaturas Dwarves.
A view of the back of the models.
I fell into my usual trap with these models. I knew they were mostly armour when I ordered them, so I figured they would be quick to paint. To be fair, they probably are quick to paint compared to something more complicated, but they still seemed to take me ages.
Most of the shields are half-and-half, but I decided to mix in a few in straight purple or orange. For variety. And it's marginally quicker to paint them that way...
Examples of the different shield colours. Most of the models are posed like the one on the left, but there are a few with their weapons raised to mix things up a bit.
As I stated previously, the shields on my Ogre Siegebreakers are based on these models. Obviously mine are a bit rough, but they still look like they belong together, especially now that they're painted in matching schemes.
2 of my Ogres along with the models that inspired them. I realise now I need to paint gems on the Ogre shields. Honestly the models are waiting a final pass to model and paint a little detail on them anyway, so I'll deal with it then. I promise. Truly.
I really like the MOM Miniaturas Dwarves. They make an impressive line of solid steel which feels ideal for Ironbreakers or Ironguard, depending on what game/language you deal in. And they're very affordable. I actually have 40 of these guys to paint, and then another 40 with double-handed weapons. And sundry characters. Honestly I find myself eyeing off plenty of models that MOM have been adding to their range, but I'm being good for now. Maybe if I get a lot more stuff painted first, I will be able to justify it.

So what now? I'm not quite ready to jump back into painting more of these guys. I think I need to paint something less metal first. I have some planning to do. 


  1. Huzzah! Ten thousand rousing cheers from hippos!

  2. Hood! take a look on the new dwarf-drakkar zeppelin from MOM!

    1. Yeah, I've seen it. It has promise, but as with most airship models, the balloon doesn't really look big enough to me. Still, maybe I could do something about that...

    2. I'm agree... And now, if any day I make a dwarf zeppelin, don't know to base the model on that from MOM or on that from GW new Duardin... (I don't like steampunk style, but there are many possibilities on the new models)

  3. Nice work! I love MOM dwarves so much Im wondering about an small elite force of him, and I hated them with all my black soul...

    Keep the good work!

  4. You don't want to paint more metallic things and yet there's a new GW dwarf blimp - you could have a lead zeppelin! Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Oh, yeah - and the dwarves (dwarfs? - whaveter) look great. Still unreasonably fast...