Monday, 12 August 2019

Another hop in the right direction

On the weekend, Tim and I decided to play a game of Warhammer. It was all a bit rushed, but on the evening before the game we both tried to work out what to use, and Tim (being the ultra-potent cheese-monger that he is) decided to use an all-Goblin list. Of course, this meant he was using my greenskins, and he expressed an interest in Night Goblin heroes on Giant Squigs (see, I told you he only liked the absolute best stuff). I didn't have any painted, but I had had a pair of them undercoated for months (or maybe years), and it was only 9:30pm... Sure, I can do that. 

Long story short, I got them to a usable standard by about 12:30am and went to bed. We played the battle on Saturday afternoon as planned (I took some photos, which I'll share later). Last night I decided I should probably take some photos of my newly painted models and share them here. But it seems I'm out of practice or something. I went to get the good camera, and discovered that both batteries were flat as a tack. Oh well, I guess the phone camera will do. 

Then I went to set up the lightbox...

 Well this is really helpful...

No, don't get comfortable. Get out!

An epic battle ensued as I tried to move the light box without losing fingers. I did prevail eventually, by baiting her out at a safe distance. Of course, as she jumped out of the light box and off the table, she also knocked both the models I wanted to take photos of off the table. Of course there was damage. Anyway, this is what I was left with...

Not a lot of thought went into these guys. I wanted the squigs to be different colours, so just grabbed red and blue. 
Given they're the same model (just using the 2 different weapon arms), they look different enough when you include the colour and slightly different basing to alter height etc. 
When the cat knocked this guy off the table, his sword arm bent down and scraped the paint off his nose. I figured I can fix it later. 
Apparently the spear is made of sterner stuff.

Nice to have something else knocked off the list. Although speaking of knocked off, after I had taken those photos, my son came home and also knocked the Squigs off the table. Seriously, this table is not really in the middle of the room... I think these models are cursed.



  1. I would accuse Tim of bribing the mighty 2/2 cat-beast, but I know that A: She's at least a 3/4, and B: Tim was playing the Gobbos anyway...

    1. I'm not convinced this was Tim's doing. I think perhaps the universe just does not love my squig heroes. :(