Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Burnination achieved

Another week or more has passed, and I've made some more progress on my Dwarfs. After grinding my way through the longbeards, it was nice to be able to move onto some less numerous choices - things that felt closer to a quick win.

First up, I finally painted a flame cannon. I've had this model for probably 15 years, and it's taken until now to actually do anything about it. I think in my head I always wanted something that looked pretty much like the original GW studio paintjob, so it's no surprise that I stuck with that plan.

The old 4th edition flame cannon, sporting the same sort of colour scheme as it had in the original Dwarf army book all those years ago.

In my opinion, the crew are some of the greatest Dwarf models ever. Look at that guy on the left. Wider than he is tall. He's magnificent!
They're all so burly. I assume the wheels on the cannon don't work, and they just pick it up and carry it around.
Bright reds and blues... Very much the old "red period" vibe. But that's what I've always had in my head when I thought of the model, so it's really what I wanted to own.
There have been a few models that I've felt compelled to paint like this (ie looking hard at the old photos to try to create something similar): Thorgrim, the anvil of doom, Ungrim... Some models that were just etched in my psyche from when I was a kid. I don't regret it, even if it's pretty inconsistent with how I've painted most stuff. It's still using my own basing and colour methods, so it doesn't look too out of place.

As well as the flame cannon (actually, before it) I had a rogue female Dwarf model I wanted to paint up as a hero. She's from the same set of Kyoushuneko models as the longbeards, but struck me as more of a character than just a champion. Funny thing here is that she's actually a misprint. She's meant to have a face under that visor, but it didn't print, and I couldn't tell if it was right just from looking at the model. I think I actually like this full mask version better than the original, so no regrets!

I did realise partway through that she was going to end up looking like Thor, but just decided to carry on anyway.
What I'm most proud of here is the shine painted on her hair. I feel like it makes it pop quite nicely. Not something I've really tried before. The model has a few issues in terms of the print (I didn't use the absolute best resin and settings for her), but I figure she's good enough to run around leading the longbeards or someone else.

Speaking of the longbeards, I got kind of told off for not really bothering with a proper photo of them in the previous post. So here is a token effort to get a better shot of them in a proper setting.

Maybe I could have found them a better movement tray. Oh well, it works and they're magnetised to it.
The command group and a random guy who wouldn't leave the shot when asked nicely. Stubbornly held his ground, muttering something about photos being better back in his day. Or maybe it was photographers. I'd believe that.
Once again compensating for some slightly rough backs/undersides of my single piece models printed under sub-optimal conditions. I did try one later with a different resin and finer settings, and he was a lot cleaner. Next time...

At this point my slow grow Dwarf contingent is doing quite well. I could actually field a 3000 point army if I wanted to. I'm pretty proud of that. At this point I think I'm going to allow myself to be distracted by a few other things, but there are a few checkboxes I hope I'll get to before I really move on from the Dwarfs properly. I'd like to get some more irondrakes and rangers done, I'd like to paint Kazador, and I could do with some more gyrocopters and another cannon. We shall see.


  1. I love that Flame Cannon! It was one of the first purchases I made at my visit to a GW store (and I also painted it bright red).

    1. It has to be bright red. I figured if I painted it in more sensible colours, I'd be slightly disappointed every time I looked at it.

    2. Barrels of explosive liquid must be red, this is international gaming law.

    3. It's a safety thing. We have to leave them everywhere, so it's important to know what you don't want to bump into