Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cancon 2012 Aftermath: Part 3

This is continued from Part 1 and Part 2 of my tournament report, which covered the first 2 days of the 3 day tournament that was Cancon 2012...

Well we made it to day 3! I was more upbeat coming into the final day than I had been the previous days. There was less to do, only 2 games to get through, and we were not running late. All in all, it was shaping to be a good day.

Game 7: Watchtower
Chris Mackonis – Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut with Sword of Antiheroes, Armour of Morrslieb, Dawn Stone
Exalted Hero of Tzeentch BSB on barded chaos steed with 1+ armour save, War Banner
Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch with Dispel Scroll (Level 2 Lore of Tzeentch)
15 Chaos Warriors of Khorne with halberds, shields, full command
15 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch with shields, full command
5 Chaos Knights of Khorne with full command, Blasted Standard
 5 Chaos Knights of Tzeentch with full command, Banner of Rage
13 Chosen of Khorne with halberds, shields, standard, Lichebone Standard
5 Chaos Hounds

The last couple of times I had played the Watchtower scenario in a tournament, I was using an all-cavalry army – so I couldn’t enter the building. This time I actually had units that could enter it, but I would be asking them to duke it out with Khorne warriors. Man, it sucks to be an Empire State Trooper. Chris was running a beautifully painted Chaos Warrior army, and under normal circumstances I would have said that it was not a very tough list. Under the circumstances however, it looked more than handy enough to get the job done…

I won the roll-off for control of the Watchtower, which was very exciting and all. I could have placed my Crossbowmen in there and been slaughtered in turn 1, but I decided against it. Unfortunately it meant that I would have no advantages, as my “controlling” the tower meant that Chris would get the first turn. That was a pity. I would have liked another turn to shoot at the sinister Chaos men.

I deployed with my White Wolves lined up to pass just to the right of the tower, with the Inner Circle Knights next to them. The Halberdiers were lined up just left of the tower, with the Crossbowmen to their left and the Swordsmen sitting further back (as usual). The Cannon was on my far left, with the Volley Gun, Mortar and Engineer sitting near the Halberdiers. Chris set up with the Chosen immediately opposite the tower (they had rolled +1 strength), with the Warshrine behind. The Tzeentch Knights and BSB were next to them, opposite my White Wolves, whilst the Khorne Warriors faced off with my Inner Circle Knights. The Sorcerer floated behind the lines. To my left of the Chosen sat the Khorne Knights with the Lord on Juggernaut, the Tzeentch Warriors, and finally the Warhounds.

Chris rushed everything forward at basically maximum speed, with the Hounds disappearing into a forest as they eyed off my Cannon on the left. Not much happened in the magic phase, and in the shooting phase the Warshrine gave the Chosen something so remarkable I can’t remember what it was.

In my turn I decided to try to dictate terms. I charged the Tzeentch Knights next to the tower with both units of cavalry – the Inner Circle Knights could only get a couple of models into contact because the tower stopped me sliding the White Wolves further along. I decided against charging with the Halberdiers, as the Khorne Knights were in the perfect position for all my shooting…

Unfortunately my magic phase was a complete fizzer – I didn’t get anywhere near enough power to bolster my troops in combat. They were going to have to take their chances with the Knights. My shooting phase was also disappointing. The Cannon blew up aiming for the Lord and everything else rained shots down on the Khorne Knights but only managed to kill 2 of them – nowhere near enough to stop the slaughter that was to come.

The charge of my Knights was thoroughly underwhelming. I killed perhaps 2 or 3 of them, but lost half a dozen models in return. I managed to barely win combat, but they held. That meant I was ripe for a counter-charge.

The Khorne warriors crashed into the front of my Inner Circle Knights, whilst the Khorne Cavalry ploughed into the stoically waiting Halberdiers. The Hounds tried to charge the Crossbowmen, but found they were too far away and instead halted at the edge of their forest. The Chosen entered the tower and the Tzeentch Warriors continued their advance toward my Crossbowmen.

Magic and shooting were unremarkable, however combat was ugly. The Khorne cavalry (led by the Lord with 8 attacks) carved a bloody swathe through my Halberdiers. In return I think the Warrior Priest knocked one of the Knights off his horse, but I had been soundly thrashed. I passed my Steadfast test and held. On the other side of the tower, the fight went poorly. The Khorne Warriors went beserk, cutting down half of my Inner Circle Knights before they could swing. They killed a couple in return (and I think the White Wolves killed another Knight), but I had been badly beaten. The Inner Circle unit fled and managed to outrun the Khorne Warriors, whilst the White Wolves were Stubborn and held their ground against the enemy Knights.

In my turn I rallied the Inner Circle Knights, but there were now only 3 of them along with the Warrior Priest, facing at least a dozen very, very angry Warriors. My shooting did what it could against the advancing Tzeentch Warriors, dropping a rank off but generally making little difference. In combat the Chaos BSB succumbed to the attacks from my characters, however the champion of the Knights refused to break and cut down the last of my White Wolves. It was very sad. My Halberdiers continued to be slaughtered by the Khorne Knights, however my Warrior Priest stood up to the Chaos Lord in a challenge and managed to survive for a round. I still lost, but still didn’t break (Ld 9 with a reroll).

The Khorne Warriors charged into the Inner Circle Knights again, intent on finishing the job. The Chaos Hounds charged my Crossbowmen, however they lost a couple of their number and were spanked in combat once they arrived. Unfortunately the Tzeentch Warriors decided to hit the Halberdiers in the flank, which was rather unsporting – they were having a bad enough day as it was. The Warshrine charged into my General and BSB as they duelled with the feisty Chaos Knight champion. The Chosen decided to leave the building, having lost several of their number to a Mortar shot the previous turn – they felt it was safer out than in. The Chaos Sorcerer wandered up near my General and BSB, but didn’t manage to cast anything exciting.

The Halberdiers continued to be scythed down by their opponents (including the Warrior Priest, whose time was well and truly up), however they remained Steadfast thanks to the damage that had been inflicted upon the Tzeentch Warriors by my shooting – mine was the only unit with more than a single row of guys (for now). The Khorne Warriors waved their halberds around wildly and managed to kill all of the remaining Inner Circle Knights. My Warrior Priest decided to take this personally and cut down 2 of them in return, before refusing to break and standing firm against the unstoppable tide of angry. My General and BSB failed once again to kill the Knight champion, and now the Warshrine had arrived to add to their irritation. They lost combat, but they held.

My game was going poorly, but I continued to try to achieve something. My Wizards left the Swordsman unit and spread out, trying to get into more advantageous positions. My Crossbowmen were filled with delusions of grandeur after their heroic efforts in combat in my previous game, and declared a charge on the rear of the Tzeentch Warriors who were still in the flank of the Halberdiers. This effort was still heroic, but that doesn’t mean it was a good idea…

I shot a number of Chosen with my Volley Gun and a couple more with the Mortar, but it was not going to be enough to slow them down. They were eyeing off my Swordsmen, who were moving to shield the recently departed Wizards.

My mounted Warrior Priest’s resistance against the Khorne Warriors came to an end, however there were now not a lot of them left (maybe 6). Maybe there was hope. My General and BSB managed to win their combat and break the Warshrine, however the infernal knight Champion had no interest in running away or dying, and stayed put.

My Halberdiers were reduced to a single row of models in their combat, however I believe between them and the Crossbowmen frantically clubbing the Tzeentch Warriors on the back of the head, I reduced them to 0 rows and thus held. I think I also dragged the last Khorne Knight down, leaving the Lord to fight on by himself. Certainly I did not run away – two could play at this Chaos Knight champion’s unbreakable game!

The Chosen ploughed into the front of my Swordsmen as expected, whilst the remaining Khorne Warriors turned to face the remaining enemies in the centre. The Warshrine rallied, so the invincible Knight would soon have help again. After combat my single remaining Halberdier finally broke, however the Crossbowmen held and kept the Tzeentch Warriors in place, leaving the Chaos Lord to run down the Halberdier by himself. The Chosen made a terrible mess of my Swordsmen who broke, but managed to both escape their pursuit and not run off the table. It was all very scientific.

Naturally I could not kill the Knight champion with my characters, and so he held once more.

It was coming up to the end of Turn 4, and I realised I could steal the game in a filthy and devious manner if the game happened to end on a 6 that turn. My Wizard Lord sprinted straight at the tower, making himself the closest model to the unoccupied building. It would be mine! My Swordsmen rallied and hoped something terrible would happen to the Chosen before they charged in again…

Enter the Volley Gun, which belched a great cloud of smoke and butchered the remaining 5 Chosen in a cloud of shredded armour and gore. Yeah! That’s how it’s done. Of course, this was after my magic phase, where my Wizard Lord decided to show the Chaos Sorcerer how magic is really done. Generating a decent power phase, he hurled Chain Lightning at the Sorcerer, reducing him to a cinder. Seeing the pitiful plight of my General and BSB, he then walked the lightning into the combat, incinerating the Chaos Knight champion before hitting the Warshrine but being unable to hurt it. The Knight was dead! Huzzah!

In combat the Crossbowmen realised their folly in making Chaos Warriors angry, and all but one of them was killed in a spectacular display of gore. The survivor fled, but the Warriors let him go – they had bigger fish to fry (not looking at any tower-hugging Wizard Lord in particular).

With this sudden swing of victory points, I was probably actually winning the game. I picked up the dice to roll to see if the game would end, but alas I rolled a 5 – not a 6. The game would continue.

Seeing his beautiful Chosen blasted apart, the Chaos Lord took it upon himself to charge the Swordsmen, waving his crazy sword about and ranting about blood and skulls. The Tzeentch Warriors charged at the feisty mage next to the tower, and he decided it was time to get out of there. The Warshrine charged my General and BSB once again, and the Khorne Warriors turned to face my now fleeing mage.

Combat saw my Swordsmen slaughtered brutally, and I’m pretty sure their Steadfast did not save them. The Warshrine bounced off my characters, but they failed once again to dent it in return. Both parties continued to fight.

My turn saw my Wizard Lord rally immediately in front of the Khorne Warriors (of course – where else would you want to rally?) The fleeing Crossbowman rallied as well, in a show of grumpy defiance. My shooting did little, but my Wizards tried to carry the day. The little Metal Wizard threw Final Transmutation at the 4 remaining Khorne Warriors, however he only managed to kill 1 of them. Still, it might be enough. The Wizard Lord gathered the remaining dice and cast Chain Lightning, however it did not get through the enemy defences. The Warriors survived, and were still looking at my Wizard Lord with evil intent.

The fight between my General and BSB and the Warshrine was a non-event as I failed to hurt it and it refused to run away.

I picked up the dice again and rolled to see if the game ended. I rolled a 5 again, and being Turn 5, that meant the game was over. The Warshrine was marginally closer than my BSB to the tower, which meant control went to the evil Warriors of Chaos. I was actually marginally ahead on victory points, but the tower was worth 1000 and as such I sunk to a convincing defeat. So close…

Result: 5-15 Loss

It was to be Day of the Chaos Warriors, it seems...
Game 8: Battleline
Brad Morin – Warriors of Chaos

Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch with Talisman of Protection, Infernal Puppet (Level 4 Lore of Tzeentch)
Exalted Hero BSB with Book of Secrets, Charmed Shield (Level 1 Lore of Fire)
25 Marauders of Tzeentch with shields, full command
25 Marauders of Tzeentch with shields, full command
15 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch with shields, full command, Razor Standard
5 Marauder Horsemen with flails, musician
5 Marauder Horsemen with flails, musician
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Hounds
5 Chaos Knights with musician
5 Chaos Knights with musician
5 Chaos Knights with musician
Chaos Chariot
Chaos Chariot
Warshrine of Tzeentch

Brad is a fellow Hamptoner, however I don’t get to play him very often. As such, I was very happy to draw him in the final round. There is something relaxing about playing someone you already know in the last round of the tournament. Often it sees me relax too much, and I collapse in a screaming heap. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen here…

Brad was one of the people in the tournament who was least happy with his comp score (he only got a 5). After some discussion it came to light that he didn’t realise the Infernal Puppet affected his own miscasts – he thought it was purely for making the enemy blow up. No doubt the possible combination of Infernal Gateway and the Puppet played heavily on the comp judges’ minds, but Brad hadn’t even realised it was a possibility. How he got through 7 games without anyone pointing this out to him, I’m not sure. Maybe it hadn’t come up. I still felt his comp score could have been perhaps a point higher – the characters were practically naked and the units were hardly optimal. Oh well, it was never going to be perfect.

The deployment zone saw a hill on my left, with a house just to the left of the centre of the table. I had a swamp on my right flank near the front of my zone, leaving perhaps a 6” clear channel next to the table edge. Brad had a forest on my left and another near the centre of the line. I deployed with my forces concentrated on my right flank, ignoring the space to the left of the house. I put the Halberdiers with their left end near the house, with the Swordsmen behind. Next to them were the White Wolves, and to their right were the Inner Circle Knights. The Volley Gun and Mortar were to the right of and behind the Knights, with the Engineer to keep an eye on them. My Crossbowmen set up behind the swamp, and on my right table edge was the Cannon. 

Brad deployed with a unit each of Marauder Horsemen, Chaos Hounds and Knights on my right, eyeing off my Cannon and Crossbowmen. There was a bit of a gap, then the Warshrine was behind the central forest, planning to work its way around. A unit of Marauders with the Sorcerer Lord went into the forest, which they found to be a Wild Wood (I think). Next were the Tzeentch Warriors, who were going to swing around the other end of the forest. The other block of Marauders with the BSB were next. There was another gap around the forest on the left, and then finally there were a cluster of 2 Chariots, 2 Knight units, and the remaining units of Hounds and Marauder Horsemen, all facing my empty left flank.

Brad got the first turn and advanced, as you would expect from an army with no shooting. The 3 units on my right all rushed toward the Cannon, whilst everything else moved at best speed (or close to) toward my lines. The Warshrine blessed the Tzeentch Warriors and gave them +1 Toughness – just to make sure they were properly rock hard. The Sorcerer Lord, having finally worked out how to use his Infernal Puppet properly, threw a large Infernal Gateway at my White Wolves, but it hit at strength 2 – I survived.

In my turn I advanced with the Halberdiers, moving up next to the house as they watched the Marauders and Warriors head their way. My Inner Circle Knights swung around on my right, facing toward the Warshrine and the Marauders in the trees. The White Wolves were more circumspect and edged forward a touch. Brad had told me how much he loved Comet of Cassandora before the game, so I decided to oblige him and cast one over on the left flank, into the path of the advancing Knights and Chariots. For some reason he didn’t seem pleased. 

In the shooting phase my Mortar landed smack in the middle of the Marauders in the forest, killing a goodly number of them. The Crossbowmen shot at the approaching Marauder Horsemen, however despite it being at short range their efforts left a couple of models alive, and they didn’t panic. Disgusted by the poor shooting on display, the Volley Gun turned and obliterated the last of the unit. This did not panic the Chaos Hounds as I had hoped. Oh well. The Cannon decided to ignore the threat of approaching doggies, and instead fired diagonally across the table at the 2 Chaos Chariots (who had rather rashly left themselves in a single line for a cannonball). I killed one, but the shot bounced off the other one. I believe the other unit of Chaos Hounds saw what happened to the Chariot, turned and fled off the table.

In the Chaos turn, the forces on the left flank continued their advance under the threatening form of the approaching comet. The Marauder Horsemen moved well clear, thanks to their head start from their vanguard move. They swung around the flank of my Swordsmen and prepared to charge. In the centre the Marauders with the BSB moved up in line with the other end of the house, squaring off with my Halberdiers. The Warriors were just behind and to the side, and were joined by the Sorcerer Lord who decided that his Marauder bodyguard were a bit too flimsy and Mortar-worthy. For their part, the Marauders continued forward to get out of the forest. The Warshrine decided to declare a charge on my Inner Circle Knights who were getting a bit close. The Knights on my right also realised they could see my flank and decided to have a crack. My Knights fled from the Warshrine and ended up back in the gap they had started from in my deployment zone. The Chaos Knights redirected into the Crossbowmen, however they didn’t make the distance as they were busy shrugging off a hail of crossbow bolts from the stand-and-shoot charge reaction. In front of the Knights, the Chaos Hounds charged the Cannon and prepared to inflict puppy love on the crew.

The Sorcerer Lord decided that he really enjoyed this whole Infernal Gateway thing, and hurled another one at my White Wolves. This time it was a much higher strength and I lost several Knights. The only combat was the Hounds and the Cannon, and it turned out that the Hounds really were more interested in playing with the crew than biting them. They didn’t hurt anyone and the Cannon held its ground.

In my turn the White Wolves declared a charge on the Marauders in the forest, who turned and fled, resulting in a failed charge. The Halberdiers charged alongside the house and into the front of the other Marauders, whilst the Swordsmen turned and backed off a bit to shield their Wizards, who both left the unit and headed for safety. On my right the Crossbowmen continued their recent feisty behaviour and charged into the flank of the Hounds, on a mission to rescue the Cannon crew from death by affectionate licking. The Inner Circle Knights rallied and pretended that nothing untoward had occurred.

In the magic phase the comet plummeted to earth with a very loud bang. Its 7” radius was enough to catch both units of Chaos Knights on that flank as well as the remaining Chariot. 3 Knights managed to survive the impact from the Knight unit closest to me, however the other unit was not so lucky and was consumed by the blast. The Chariot also failed to survive. I don’t believe this did anything to improve Brad’s opinion of the spell. I think I killed one of the surviving Chaos Knights with Searing Doom, but failed to force an augment spell through on my Halberdiers. They would have to do the job the old-fashioned way.

The Volley Gun fired at the Chaos Knights on my right flank, who were still glaring at my Crossbowmen as they clubbed puppies in close combat. A single Knight was blasted from his horse, and the rest didn’t care – didn’t like him anyway, no doubt. The Mortar fired at the fleeing Marauders, and whilst this seemed to baffle Brad to begin with, when I killed all but 6 and left them 1 model below quarter strength (so needing doubt 1s to rally) it all became clear. They headed off the table the next turn.

In combat, the Halberdiers crashed convincingly into the Marauders. The enemy BSB didn’t challenge, then regretted his decision as he was cut down by a pile of attacks. The Marauders were also forced to take at least 6 parry saves at 5+, however they passed all but 1. Tzeentch was with them! A couple did succumb to the Warrior Priest, however. It was enough for me to win combat, but not enough to break the unit.

On the right flank, the Hounds flipped out over the fact that the Crossbowmen had flaming attacks and were wiped out in combat as they tried to hide behind each other. The Crossbowmen reformed to face the oncoming Chaos Knights – they were now between them and the Cannon. They would get to stand and shoot, but it was unlikely to save them.

The Chaos turn saw charges across the board. The Chaos Knights charged the Crossbowmen as expected, and shrugged off the shots that were fired on the way in. The Warshrine attempted to charge the White Wolves, but didn’t make the distance. The Warriors charged into the Halberdiers in order to relieve the outclassed Marauders. On the other side of the house, the Marauder Horsemen charged the Swordsmen in the flank. The Chaos Knights that had survived the comet also charged, however their horses were obviously still confused from all the explosions and the screaming, and didn’t go anywhere fast.

The White Wolves were targeted by another Infernal Gateway, however I managed to stop this one. The Sorcerer with his newfound, Puppet-inspired confidence was starting to get annoying.

Combat saw the Swordsmen kill a couple of Marauder Horsemen, however they lost far more men and the combat. Fortunately they were Steadfast and held, before turning to face their opponents. On the far side of the table, the Chaos Knights did terrible things to the Crossbowmen however they also passed their Steadfast test and held.

In the centre, things took an unexpected turn. The Sorcerer Lord issued a challenge and found himself facing the Warrior Priest. The Priest showed that he actually knew how to use that huge axe of his, and inflicted 2 wounds. The Warriors killed a solid chunk of Halberdiers, however Tzeentch’s attention had obviously wandered from the Marauders, and they died in droves to the return attacks. Amazingly the Empire forces had won the combat, and the Warriors and Sorcerer Lord promptly turned tail and fled! The Marauders managed to hold their ground, buying time for their master to flee (he needed the extra time – his unit only fled 3”).

Things were looking remarkably good for me by this point. I decided to charge the Inner Circle Knights into the Warshrine, however I didn’t charge the White Wolves into the fleeing Warriors. They were only 3” from the Halberdiers. If I could break through and pursue 3”, the Warriors and Lord would be dead. That being the case, I poured all my magical efforts into boosting my unit’s combat potential. Harmonic Convergence went off, but Brad managed to block Enchanted Blades of Aiban. Hopefully it would be enough.

The Swordsmen cut down all but one of the Marauder Horsemen, then restrained pursuit as the remaining rider fled from the field. They turned instead to face the few advancing Chaos Knights, who would surely make the distance next turn. On my right, the Crossbowmen found their Knights to be too much to handle, broke and were run down. The Chaos Knights crashed into the Cannon and prepared to make short work of it. The Inner Circle Knights beat and broke the Warshrine, however it was faster than it looked and managed to get away.

The combat between the Halberdiers and the Marauders was a bloody affair. Models from both sides fell, but in the end the weight of numbers was telling. The Marauders tested on Ld 4, but they rolled a 5. They managed to outpace the Halberdiers, but the already-fleeing Warriors were not so lucky – they were caught and destroyed, along with the Sorcerer Lord. I definitely held the upper hand now.

We were running low on time by this point, but there was time for another turn thanks to how little Brad had left (it sounds mean, but it was true). The Marauders and Warshrine both failed to rally, with the Shrine heading toward the table edge and the Marauders fleeing into the forest on the left. The Chaos Knights near the house spotted one of my lone Wizards and declared a charge (rather than facing 20-odd Swordsmen in a frontal assault). The Wizard fled and the Knights failed to catch him. The Knights on my right hacked up my Cannon crew and swung about to face my lines.

In my turn I charged the fleeing Warshrine with the Inner Circle Knights, sending it from the board. The Marauders escaped the wrath of my Halberdiers and headed for the far corner of the table. My White Wolves declared a charge on the Knights who had been chasing my Wizard, but they decided to flee rather than face being wiped out.

My magic phase saw Searing Doom targeted at the Knights on my right, killed 3 and leaving one alive. If he thought he had escaped though, he was sadly mistaken. In a brutal display of firepower the Volley Gun unleashed 28 shots against the poor sod – he never had a chance.

And with that, the game was over. Brad had a fleeing unit of Knights and one of Marauders. I had lost my Cannon and Crossbowmen, but was otherwise intact. It was a one-sided finish.

Result: 19-1 Win

Final Battle Points: 85/160
Comp: 56/80

In the end I barely averaged above a draw in the tournament, however the hefty comp element saw me lifted to a respectable 9th place. This was better than I had expected to do, so I was pretty happy. More remarkably, I ended up winning the players’ choice award for Best Presented army. This was fantastic, if somewhat unexpected. Mine was by no means the best painted army there, but presumably it had just enough in it to get people’s attention.
Yay, a trophy for me!
As tiring as it was to be so involved in organising the tournament as well as playing, it was very gratifying that so many people turned up – it justified the effort. The Cancon road trip remains the highlight of my year in terms of the tournament calendar, and I look forward to going next year – hopefully with someone else making sure it happens this time.

The final standings can be seen below. If it is too small for you to read, congratulations! You are on a computer. You have the technology...

Rank    Player              Army                Total   Battle  Comp    Pres.   Sports
----    ------              ----                -----   ------  ----    -----   ------
1       Ben Leopold         Skaven              222     98      64      20      40
2       Garry Ingram        Ogre Kingdoms       214     107     48      20      39
3       Dino Zanon          Daemons of Chaos    212     124     32      20      36
4       Simon Kwok          Ogre Kingdoms       212     120     32      20      40
5       Roy Diprose         Ogre Kingdoms       208     116     32      20      40
6       Shane Thomson       Dwarfs              207     99      48      20      40
7       Stephen Tuck        Skaven              205     105     40      20      40
8       Peter Spiller       High Elves          204     112     32      20      40
9       Greg Johnson        Empire              200     85      56      20      39
10      Douglas Crawford    Ogre Kingdoms       200     100     40      20      40
11      Chris Cousens       Dark Elves          198     106     32      20      40
12      Matt Curtis         Orcs and Goblins    198     114     24      20      40
13      David Duriesmith    Ogre Kingdoms       196     104     32      20      40
14      Matthew Kelly       Skaven              196     120     16      20      40
15      Nick Gentile        High Elves          196     88      48      20      40
16      Adam Wonderley      Dwarfs              195     111     24      20      40
17      Christopher Grace   Beastmen            195     79      56      20      40
18      Simon Turner        Beastmen            193     77      56      20      40
19      Pawel Sajewicz      High Elves          190     66      64      20      40
20      Mark Skilton        Beastmen            189     74      56      20      39
21      Sean Davis          Warriors of Chaos   189     98      32      20      39
22      Chris Mackonis      Warriors of Chaos   189     89      40      20      40
23      David Corcoran      Ogre Kingdoms       189     97      32      20      40
24      Travis Cramb        Daemons of Chaos    188     104     24      20      40
25      Adam Gooley         Bretonnians         187     87      40      20      40
26      Chris Ashton-Jones  Ogre Kingdoms       187     79      48      20      40
27      Mark Audley         Bretonnians         186     86      40      20      40
28      Bruce Tobin         Beastmen            185     69      56      20      40
29      Peter Rodda         Warriors of Chaos   185     93      32      20      40
30      Matt Willis         Dark Elves          184     101     24      20      39
31      John Nelson         Warriors of Chaos   183     99      24      20      40
32      Nick Hoen           Tomb Kings          183     75      48      20      40
33      Connor White        Bretonnians         181     79      48      20      34
34      Brad Morin          Warriors of Chaos   180     80      40      20      40
35      Mark Ward           Warriors of Chaos   179     81      40      20      38
36      Andrew Buchanan     Empire              179     72      48      20      39
37      Daniel Andersen     Orcs and Goblins    179     71      48      20      40
38      Tim Bolton          Wood Elves          179     87      32      20      40
39      Murray Hoad         Bretonnians         177     78      40      20      39
40      Lee Jefferson       Daemons of Chaos    176     81      40      20      35
41      Francesco Giardino  Warriors of Chaos   174     97      24      20      33
42      Troy Anderton       Orcs and Goblins    174     74      40      20      40
43      Adam Bishop         Vampire Counts      173     85      48      0       40
44      Micaiah Harris      High Elves          173     62      56      20      35
45      Luke Kellett        Wood Elves          173     81      32      20      40
46      Sam Moore           Dwarfs              173     97      16      20      40
47      Daniel Bird         Wood Elves          172     73      40      20      39
48      Dale Sommerville    Tomb Kings          170     70      40      20      40
49      Derek Thompson      Orcs and Goblins    170     46      64      20      40
50      Iain Thomson        Bretonnians         169     61      48      20      40
51      James Porley        Warriors of Chaos   168     76      32      20      40
52      Mark Maskell        High Elves          168     68      40      20      40
53      David Kelsall       Ogre Kingdoms       167     51      56      20      40
54      Liam Keft           Dwarfs              167     27      80      20      40
55      Jason Harris        Dwarfs              166     50      56      20      40
56      Jonathon Turkich    Ogre Kingdoms       164     56      48      20      40
57      Adam Hoad           Lizardmen           163     71      32      20      40
58      Ben Halliday        High Elves          160     88      16      20      36
59      Andrew Primrose     Tomb Kings          160     77      24      20      39
60      Joel Kelly          Ogre Kingdoms       159     51      48      20      40
61      Erica Scott         Warriors of Chaos   158     70      48      0       40
62      Rowen Szczecinski   Dark Elves          158     67      32      20      39
63      Matthew Sutton      Dwarfs              158     58      40      20      40
64      James Foulds        Dwarfs              154     70      24      20      40
65      Antony Pedersen     Tomb Kings          152     45      48      20      39
66      Ben Halligan        Tomb Kings          144     80      24      0       40
67      Andrew Keft         Chaos Dwarfs        142     35      48      20      39
68      Mitchell Connolly   Tomb Kings          138     56      48      0       34
69      David McCrae        Empire              136     72      24      0       40
70      Aiden Jack          High Elves          133     49      24      20      40
71      Michael Clarke      High Elves          132     57      40      0       35
72      Chris Oliver-Conroy High Elves          125     62      24      0       39
73      David Van Oss       Dark Elves          124     49      40      0       35
74      Jim Moutsos         Wood Elves          111     33      48      0       30
75      Luke Greco          Ogre Kingdoms       108     41      32      0       35
76      Tim Grogan          Dwarfs              104     34      40      0       30


  1. There was only one Lizardman player in the entire tournament? Is that normal for Warhammer games lately?

  2. No, the lack of Lizardmen was a surprise. Normally there are at least a few kicking about. Maybe all the Lizardman players also have Oges, and busted those out instead...

  3. Great write up Greg, I had to laugh when you said Brads WoC comp should have been a 6, it probably should have. My army which was close to being a clone got a 4. Which is fine, but does go to show how hard it is to do comp for 76 players. Your write up on how comp faired at Cancon was excellent and well worth a read.
    Thanks for the report, and for all the hampton boys in running the event.